Moving on

After a midnight revival of Things Past – and quite honestly getting nowhere but backwards in that fruitless pursuit – I’ve chosen instead to consign my researches more profitably to that which is before my eyes. So much for the retrospective analysis of life! My deep regard will I predict encompass more than the photogenic views of Florida Bay and the nearby North Atlantic Ocean  (as undeniably entranced as I am by the sea). From henceforth the only legitimate absorption for me is the engineering of purpose and self-expression exhibited by those whom I know or by those whom I meet. If this were a recipe – which I suppose in a way it is – the sole ingredient to be added to this already flavourful concoction is the very natural feature called serendipity.

Serendipity suggests an almost predictable fortuity; that is, not only chance but specifically good chance. For whatever reason, I have always translated my chronicled account as lucky, including some rather raw medical emergencies from which I have patently survived. Perhaps it is just the paramount ability to write or talk about life on any sward however remote or unforeseen that logically preserves its vitality and sine qua non. If I may be permitted the indulgence of one summary reflection upon my past it is this; viz., I wouldn’t change a particle! Apart from that reminiscence, it’s full throttle ahead!

This then brings me to the currency of affairs and the serendipitous evolution of events.  By odd coincidence (and unknown to me at the time) a former acquaintance of mine had recently the courtesy to die. This critical segment of life’s puzzle was then followed (also unknown to me at the time) by an enquiry to a longstanding friend to obtain my contact information to alert me to the loss.  When my friend and I subsequently reconnected for this unwitting and moderately macabre relay purpose, the initial and further communications between us succeeded to reinvigorate a friendship which had momentarily dissolved during my winter absences and throughout the diminishing social effect of COVID-19.

The characterization of this amendment – that is, the attentiveness to what is at hand – accomplishes two objectives in my mind.  One, it reignites the lingering but perhaps disregarded strengths of longstanding relationships; and, two, it propels an openness to the vitality of new relationships. This may seem a small modification of one’s current lifestyle. Yet its formulation as a progressive venture enables a more determinative and focused approach to what is frequently seen as mere happenstance. It is a reminder too that life doesn’t stop with what and who already exist. While one’s new acquaintances may never develop the vigour of friendship, they are at the very least important tenders in the progress of affairs.