We were hit today with a storm of activity surrounding our upcoming residential shift across the river. Previously I had anticipated that today’s direct address of the move would not have transpired until the middle of October (by which time I expected the developer would be certain that the new building was habitable). It turns out that our mover wished to have a more proximate assessment of the affair.

As a result we contacted the property manager of the new building who advised that things were good to go effective November 1st.  This at least cleared any demur about occupancy. But it precipitated some hesitancy because of the number of residents who are planning the same thing. We have accordingly postponed our move until November 2nd.  We’re currently attempting to get a specific time from the property manager.

In anticipation of the move we have rented an hotel suite in town for five days at the end of the month. The additional prolongation arises because the move-out and the move-in are four days apart. This as well necessitated the change of prior hotel bookings for our planned trip south and notification to our private health insurer.

The fuss is worth it. We’re at last getting things settled.

Now I can devote myself to the maudlin topic of abandoning one’s home.  It intrigues me that I permit myself to succumb to this conversation. I cannot recall any other of my prior residences which provoked sentimentality. Upon reflection I am thinking the novelty is a product of aging. In any event an authentic description of the move’s emotional spinoff is the loss of regular acquaintance with many of the residents here. In so many instances since retirement I have lost touch with those who are not in immediate contact.  Seeing others here almost daily affords an incremental benefit; a slow but meaningful way to get to know one another. It is very often an ephemeral familiarity but nonetheless its repeated nature is strengthening. Though we’re only moving across the river – probably no more than 2 kilometres – there nonetheless exists a surprising void between the two domains.