Mulling things over…

If I were to take account of everything from start to present I expect I would be overwhelmed.  This afternoon I have permitted myself the privilege of idle reminiscence. How easily I have been distracted! Competing with the plentitude of photographs – the mere image of the past – are the sentimental memories they inspire. As our absorption of detail becomes increasingly distilled, the specifics of historic ventures are commensurately more acute. This keenness of disquisition is the soothing vapour of my career to date.

It appears that the anaesthetic effect of this backward look upon things has effectively tranquillized whatever anxieties I normally allow to overtake me. I am as a result prepared to plead complete ignorance of any possible contradiction.  This alone is a manifest triumph, not because I haven’t anything about which to be either recalcitrant or compliant but rather because it dilutes whatever tiny streams of reaction tend to corrupt one’s daily life. Instead I have opted for the favour of a pleasant view of the world, beginning with the current regard upriver to the Village of Appleton following the changing face of the river marked by ripples and mirrors and shaded shallows beneath the hanging branches of the shoreline trees.

The Cognac Effect (if I may label it such) is naturally inebriating; but of no more toxic peril than the Blood of Christ in the Eucharist.  The distillation of life by the accident of age is akin the manufacture of a fine wine in a dusty cellar. When we pause to shake off the dirt, what remains behind the unpolished frame can be defining.

As in most circumstances there are in addition to the Cognac Effect a number of other elements.

For example there’s something mathematical about everything. The precision of mathematics makes it a candidate for metaphor. The Mathematic Effect speaks to depleting things of their superfluity. This obvious gift to sparseness of words is outdone by architecture, fine art, jewelry and even automobile models.

Simplicity is another feature. The Simple Effect. That’s all for this one. Simple. Get it?

Anyway there are probably a lot of other really important things one should mention when waxing about whatever it is we’re currently gabbing here.  Something about mulling things over. And some other stuff.