Nearing conclusion

The rain has formed shiny blobs of water each the size of a beetle on the black balcony railing. Beyond the balcony perimeter in the field 100 yards away the corn stalks arise from their nutritional palette with golden crowns in parallel lines throughout the 25-acre parcel. A hawk sails low over the weeds and flowers in the meadow. The river churns endlessly on. A squall flattens and polishes a portion of the river surface surrounding a large shoreline tree. The sky is a uniform murky grey with the occasional blur of azure.  The humidity is palpable. The blobs of water on the balcony railing are not drying. They persist like clear plastic buttons or ornaments suitable for a cake. The dilapidated barn in the distance is now almost completely consumed by the surrounding verdancy in the field.

This afternoon over lunch at the golf club, aside from briefly contemplating my former sphere of professional activity with inter vivos trust agreements for the perpetuation of wealth from one generation to another with the least possible impact of income or estate taxes, we languidly slumped into our chairs and babbled more enthusiastically about less esoteric and more critical things like how did you meet, how old are you, what is your relationship? The ancient topic of the Lanark County Bar Association at Bass Lake Lodge during the spring or autumn assizes also arose; and the related drunken boating tours.

assize | əˈsīz | noun (usually assizes) historical a court which formerly sat at intervals in each county of England and Wales to administer the civil and criminal law. In 1972 the civil jurisdiction of assizes was transferred to the High Court, and the criminal jurisdiction to the Crown Court.

Meanwhile Robert Butterworth KC exemplified his ready acquaintance with matters parochial by sharing some of his history of adventure. Bob has always been a credit to the community in general and to himself in particular.

Robert Butterworth received a B. Comm. from St. Patrick’s College in Ottawa in 1967 and an L.L.B. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver in 1970. He was called to the bar in 1972, moved to Perth that year and has lived in the Perth area ever since.

Bob served two terms on the Council of the Township of North Elmsley, the Planning Board of the Town of Perth as a member, Secretary, Vice-Chair and Chair, and as the first Chair of the Committee of Adjustments for the Township of North Elmsley. He served for six years on the Board of Governors of Algonquin College (including two years as Chair), six years on the Rideau Valley District Health Council (including two years as Chair) and four years on the Ontario Council of Health. Bob is a past National Vice-President of the Canada Jaycees, past Director of the Perth Chamber of Commerce and past director of the Lanark Communications Network.

In 2002 Bob was appointed a Vice Chair of the Assessment review Board. He has served for six years as a director of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (SOAR) and is a member of the Trent University Board of Governors.

Upon returning home from luncheon we connected with Regent Cruise Line and booked a cabin by paying the required deposit. The arrangements with Butler Service for in-suite preferences (beverages, snacks, bedding and special occasions) will follow a week before embarkation.