New car

Yesterday as I drove to Myers Cadillac, 1200 Baseline Road, Ottawa to conclude the final details of my new car purchase I attempted to recall in particular the General Motors products I had owned since my father bought me my first automobile in 1975 and in general how many new cars of any manufacturer I had bought in total.

With the exception of a 3-week experience with a used Cadillac Sedan de Ville, a clunker I bought to use in the winter to overcome the equally fatuous purchase of a new 8-cylinder Mustang (which I also traded within several weeks), I have always bought new cars. As best I can recall the list of my new automobiles goes like this: (1) 4-cylinder Ford Mustang, (2) tan Pontiac Grand Prix, (3) red Pontiac Grand Prix, (4) black Pontiac Grand Prix, (5) Buick Electra, (6) blue Oldsmobile Cutlass, (7) Oldsmobile Aurora, (8) red Buick Riviera, (9) black Buick Riviera, (10) emerald Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible, (11) 8-cylinder Ford Mustang GTO convertible, (12) Lincoln Town Car, (13) silver Lincoln LS, (14) black Lincoln LS, (15) Buick Enclave, (16) Lincoln MKS, (17) Lincoln MKS, (18) Lincoln MKS, (19) Lincoln MKS (all black), (20) Cadillac XTS and (21) Cadillac XTS (both dark blue). In 41 years, 21 cars.  In the past ten years I have generally replaced the car almost every year. Never did the period of ownership exceed the manufacturer’s basic warranty (which until recently was generally 3 years/60,000 kms; though now I believe the industry standard is 4 years/80,000 kms). When I settled my new car yesterday (August 30th) at Myers, the odometer on the “old” Cadillac XTS that I bought last September 1st  was 42,781 kms which means in a year I am covering a distance about double what most drivers do. I say this of course to bolster what might seem a preposterous decision to buy a new car every year.  I am however convinced that one never beats the car industry at their game.  Certainly you may get lucky and have a car which survives the basic warranty period (which by the way is identical for any make of car) but if you’re not so lucky you’ll end up forking out large sums for little things like a new transmission and before long you’ll lose any advantage you might have rolled the dice on. Besides costly repairs (which miraculously coincide with the expiry of the warranty coverage) and associated down time are so disheartening (exceeded only by computer problems).

After my somewhat hurried meeting with the “Executive Salesman” at Myers, and having subsequently been cycled mechanically through the machinery of their “Financial Services” guy (who, because he also happens to live in Almonte, persisted in annoyingly referring to me as “one of the lads”), I went to a Bank of Montreal branch in Bells Corners to requisition a draft for payment of the car.  The bank teller asked what kind of car I had bought (which when I told her she spiritedly replied was the same as her father-in-law had recently purchased) and enquired whether I was excited about the prospect.  I answered her that I was not. I didn’t of course tell her why but I think she could sense I wasn’t being either flippant or peevish.  The frozen truth is that the new car is identical to the one I already have, identical (except the wheels which this year are the ones I ordered, unlike last year’s disappointing experience). Of course I knew that I could expect very little if any difference in this type of sedan from one year to the next when there have been no heralded model changes.  However the one thing I had hoped to see on the new car was a wooden knob on the gear shift.  I had also expected to see that feature on the car I bought last year but the dealership succeeded to convince me it is not a standard feature even on the “premium luxury” trim of the car (even though the photos of the car on the web site, both then and now, illustrate a wooden knob on the gear shift).  This year however the dealer and I addressed the matter head-on long before I placed the order; and the expanded view of the standard features of the car specified a wooden knob on the gear shift (specifically “Shift lever, leather wrapped with wood“). Here however is the email I received yesterday from the dealership:

Hi Bill

The car is almost perfect, but there is no wooden shifter knob.

I am working with GM to find out why not, but everything else looks great

I am having the car cleaned this morning, and I will see you around 1pm if that is still good for you



When I met with the dealer at 1 pm yesterday he explained that he was still trailing GM on the wooden shifter knob.  I told him not to bother.  I have no intention this year of interfering (as we did last year regarding the mistaken wheels which never properly matched the trim of the car) with the integrity of the new car, a matter which I confirmed was an obsession of mine. He of course appeared only too willing to abandon the bagatelle though I can tell you it was a displeasure to me.

Cadillac XTS interiorCompeting with the stickiness of this trifling detail was my overwhelming philosophic conviction that I have nothing to complain about (but that is such a generic observation as to be almost flavourless). When I found that the dealer was occupied with other clients upon my arrival at 1 pm I snooped around on the car lot and located the new car (which was unlocked) and looked it over.  When I regained the waiting area outside the dealer’s office, upon seeing me he excused himself from his other clients and, at my suggestion, gave me the keys to the new car so that I could test-drive it. He got another salesman to provide me a license plate which I hung from the trunk. Though I only drove the car about two miles or so down Baseline Road to Mooney’s Bay and back, the ride was noticeably comfortable and quiet, as well as “tight” and stable. Once one has become accustomed to driving cars of this pedigree it is fairly easy to discern even the most minor differences in performance. I am not for example overwhelmed by the feel of these machines (a distinction for example which I readily sense when I am obliged to drive a rental car for a while).

Overnight I have formulated my own reasoning on the deal which I struck with the dealer in the purchase of the new machine.  The polar end of such arrangements is the fantasy of selling one’s car on one’s own and then buying the new one for cash. By the time one factors in the cost of HST on the new car the end result is usually a distinction without a difference and with a whole lot less hassle.

We pick up the new car tomorrow at one o’clock.

Post Scriptum

This sad little tale would be incomplete without providing these few painful details.

By 9:30 am this morning I still had not had a reply from my insurance broker about coverage of my new car, something the dealer had understandably requested before turning over the keys to me.  When I was twice unable to reach the broker by telephone (in spite of having left a message both times), either his direct line or through the head office, in poor humour I drove to his office in town and presented myself at the front desk.  He at last appeared and only muttered something about how busy he’d been this morning attending his daughter’s school but said nothing about my email sent two days ago or the two subsequent telephone messages left with him.  Of course he did the required paperwork while I sat steaming in his office. I’d love to change brokers but I know it is as preposterous as changing banks, a guaranteed distinction without a difference, wasteful commotion.  While I sat waiting I couldn’t help laugh inwardly at the irony of the huge poster on the wall in his office about exceptional service, care and attention.  What tripe!

This annoyance revitalized my misgivings about General Motors to which I had also sheepishly submitted.  When I arrived at the dealership shortly before 1:00 pm today I made it clear to the dealer that I considered myself short-changed by GM and that I most certainly had no intention of filing the 100% satisfaction survey he repeatedly asked me to complete (in fact he ended by asking me not to submit it).  The dealer put a call through to his GM superior in Oshawa and rejoiced when I shouted over him while on the call since (as the dealer later confirmed) it legitimized the embarrassment the dealer was suffering because of the misrepresentation of GM.  In short it looks as though GM will be making some sort of financial compensation to me though naturally I am not holding my breath.  I categorically told the dealer (and he told the GM representative) that I don’t want GM messing with the new car to attempt to do any after-market alteration which I consider will only contaminate the integrity of the car.

Although that little tussle with the dealer ended on a fairly buoyant note (the dealer said there were other clients of his far worse than I, small compliment), things were not yet fully ironed out.  Sitting in the car in the parking lot with the engine running I called OnStar which is owned by GM.  Although we have a free one-year subscription to OnStar we know already that we want nothing to do with them afterwards. It’s basically a lot of useless fluff which effectively duplicates services already available or otherwise easily accessible.  There must be some internal activity arising from my purchase because I received an unsolicited email advising of the addition of the new car to the current OnStar subscription we had with the old car (though they haven’t yet succeeded to remove the old car even though I requested they do so).

We had a less pleasant experience when calling Sirius XM for which we also have an extant subscription for the old car running until December, 2016.  The new car purchase entitles us to a free 3-month subscription to Sirius XM.  Even though the clerk transferred the old subscription to the new car (at a cost of $15 for the transfer), she did not add the free 3-month subscription to the existing plan.  Instead she proposed crediting the 3-month plan to our subsequent renewal.  This of course presumes and entails that we will in fact renew our existing plan.  This infuriated me because she effectively eliminated any free subscription by unilaterally imposing upon me the necessity to spend more money to capitalize upon the freebie.  I did not like that at all.  It took her a long time to grasp my annoyance (and by the way neither did she capture my indignity at her imaging that we were on a first name basis) but finally, when I asked to speak to a superior, she wrestled with the matter sufficiently to cancel our current subscription and to rebate the unused portion of it (and reversing the $15 transfer charge) by crediting our credit card, then commencing the free 3-month subscription on the new car. I can tell you that having had Sirius XM for many years, it is nothing to discover that their music is on loops and even BBC repeats – at different times – the same programs previously aired.  And when not listening to repetitive music, the standard news channels CNN, MSNBC and FOX are riddled with endless advertisements which annoyingly insist upon repeating “800” numbers three times for added psychotic effect.

The final little detail was my discovery that the screws used to secure the licence plates for the new car were not matching.  I ended calling the Parts Department of Myers and arranging to pick-up new matching screws which I collected about an hour later and personally replaced on the car with a screw driver they lent me. Next time I do the installation of the new plates myself – from the outset.

Another small point: the dealer hadn’t properly documented my request for entirely new plates even though I had mentioned and written it several times. As a result we ended having to pay more on closing. In this streamlined vehicle purchase scenario there is patently no tolerance whatever for individuality.  Insipid mediocrity is sadly bred into the process.

Et seq.

September 13, 2016

Dear Mr. Michaud:

Since I took delivery of my car on August 31st last I have not been able to use anything connected with OnStar – not the blue button, nor the red SOS button, nor the onboard WiFi, nor the iPhone App “My Cadillac” except when I first connected to OnStar to initiate my service immediately following delivery of the car to me and except for extremely brief sporadic occasions. For the past two days I have attempted to resolve the connection problems which an OnStar rep (whom I connected through my personal iPhone, not through the OnStar blue button) finally confirmed are all related and which may affect the Province of Ontario because some AT&T satellite service is “down”. I went to Myers Cadillac yesterday and briefly met with a service technician who confirmed that the OnStar service in the car is not working.

I am distressed about this in particular because it has taken me two days of my time to get answers from OnStar. One rep suggested there was nothing wrong for the past two days; but on cross-examination by me he confirmed he hadn’t been in the office for the past two days (so his assertion was not only valueless but misleading). I find it incredible that OnStar has successfully sent me at least five emails since August 31st to my iPhone to invite me to subscribe to all sorts of plans but they hadn’t the courtesy to email me to tell me the OnStar system wasn’t functioning at all. I have since been able to confirm at least twice with two separate reps at OnStar that the system is down.

In view of the misleading advertising that GM made about the wooden knob (included in on-line photos and Feature description) and now this empty delivery of a non-existent OnStar service I would like to see some serious compensation. Otherwise I am left to wonder how much GM can say it is providing, but does not provide.

September 14, 2016

Good afternoon Mr. Chapman,

I am so sorry to hear that your experience with OnStar both as a service and service provider has been less than favorable. I am also disappointed to learn that the wooden shifter knob, clearly illustrated in the google image you provided me, is not an available option on your car. I can see how this would negatively impact your opinion of Cadillac and General Motors as a manufacturer. I took the time to confirm through every available source to me that this is indeed the case.

Keith tells me you have been extremely reasonable and patient throughout this whole process and I really appreciate that. I am working on reasonable compensation for your inconvenience as well as a quick resolution to the lack of service from OnStar. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as I work towards a reasonable solution.


Bob Rintoul
General Manager
Myers Cadillac Chev Buick GMC

And more…

September 15, 2016

My dealer contact called today to confirm that GM does not build the XTS with the Kona brown leather interior with a wooden knob on the gear shift.  Surprise!  GM may or may not address the more focal issue that it advertised the wooden knob for the car I ordered but that nicety appears to be lost on them.  The dealer contact has intimated GM may offer $2,000 towards my next Cadillac purchase.  Big of them.

The OnStar issue continues though the dealer contact has verified several times upon strict questioning from me today that the problem is OnStar not the car itself.  That oddly palliates the problem for me though I would naturally still prefer to see it work as it should.  Coincidentally OnStar sent me a form email to advise I would no longer be protected with OnStar on the car I sold!  Who cares!  And that I had only to push the blue OnStar button to subscribe for my new car.  I let them know their blue button and everything else about OnStar is not working in the new car at all.  We’ll see where that goes.

For the time being the dealer contact said he’ll let me know when OnStar advises him that they’ve fixed the problem.  We’ll see…

September 17, 2016

Dear Mr. Rintoul:

I failed to mention in my previous email (copy below) that Kevin tried calling me on what he characterized as a “direct line” to my car but he could not get through. Kevin and I were only able to converse on my iPhone telephone (even though, as I said, the SOS woman was able to get through on the OnStar line even when Kevin and I were talking on my iPhone). Further, whenever I have tried using the blue or red buttons or the Hands-Free Calling button, the system always says, “Connecting to OnStar” but then nothing happens, just beeps every three seconds and then eventually disconnects (or, in the case of the Hands-Free, it says, “No service available” or something to that effect).

Dear Mr. Rintoul:

I had a long telephone discussion late this afternoon with Kevin of the OnStar Technical Department in the Philippines. He provided the somewhat axiomatic conclusion that there is either something wrong with the OnStar connection or with my new car. I explained to him that I buy a new car every year so I do not have to endure car problems. There has been no OnStar connectivity since I first initiated the so-called “service” on August 31st, 2016 when I took delivery of the car. Nothing works (not the blue OnStar button, not the red SOS button, not the Hands-Free Call button, not the WiFi nor the iPhone “My Cadillac” App). Kevin asked me to press the SOS button (which has normally never got any response when I tried it on numerous previous occasions) but today the Emergency office of OnStar called me in the car (and of course I reported that it was a “test” only). I tried to get the Emergency office to transfer the call to the Technical Department (as Kevin requested me to do) but the OnStar Emergency woman hung up.

September 17, 2016

To send us a private message via Facebook, please: – Visit – At the top of the page, underneath the cover photo, you will see an option to “Message” We are also available via email at We look forward to hearing from you. Amber G. OnStar Customer Care

September 19, 2016

Dear Mr. Chapman,

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail OnStar regarding the notice you received.

I apologize that you received a notice for a vehicle you no longer own. Please disregard it. Our records indicate that the 2016 Cadillac XTS has been cancelled as of September 1, 2016.

Our records indicate that our Technical Team has opened a case for the 2017 Cadillac XTS regarding connecting to us and the trial data plan. They will contact you with any updates to your case. For immediate assistance, please contact a Technical Advisor at the phone number below and refer to your case #63588792.

The Technical Team is available Monday to Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. EST, Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST and Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply to this message, call us at 1.888.4.ONSTAR (1.888.466.7827) or press your blue OnStar button in your current vehicle.


OnStar Information Specialist

September 20, 2016

Dear Mr. Rintoul:

Thank-you for having called today and for having made arrangements with Mr. Lalonde. I feel very confident with Mr. Lalonde having assumed carriage of this matter.

In case it has a bearing on the resolution of this matter, two points:

. the blue OnStar button on the Cadillac “loaner” which you gave me this afternoon works fine (unlike the blue OnStar button on my own car which Mr. Lalonde and I tried without success); this leads me to believe that the problem is a hardware problem and I strongly urge the replacement of any applicable computer(s) which might have a bearing on this system; I feel that a prolonged search for any offending particle of the system will only unnecessarily and painfully delay the eventual replacement of the entire computer(s); and,

. moments ago (approx. 7:45 p.m., Tuesday, September 20th, 2016) an OnStar technician from Michigan called; he is fully aware of the malfunctioning of my entire OnStar system; I have asked him to contact Mr. Lalonde in the morning and he said he would do so.

Hello William,

I know I responded to your private message on Facebook, but wanted to touch base with you as well. I see in our system that you have an open case for this concern. I have documented your dissatisfaction within our system, but our Technical Team will be in the best position to assist you.

Please expect to hear from them once they have an update. If you have questions in the meantime, please let me know, and I can forward them their way.

Have a good night,

Corey K.
OnStar Customer Care

And even more…

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 I drove my car to Gananoque and discovered that the on-board WiFi, while it worked the moment I left our residence, stopped working for most of the trip to and from Gananoque (though of course it re-activated when we got to Ottawa to drop off the car again at Myers). We got the same loaner again.

On Friday, September 23, 2016 Jason of Myers called before noon to advise that the York tech-guy would be there between 12:30 – 2:00 pm. Around 2:30 pm when I was at Booster Juice in Stittsville, Jason called to advise that the tech-guy would be delayed until about 3:30 pm.  I told Jason that I was going to visit my elderly mother on Colonel By Drive and would go to Myers a reasonable time after 3:30 pm.  Jason suggested that he keep the car over the weekend.  I replied that I doubted anything would be done on the car over the weekend so I would collect it.  He countered that they would check the system on Monday, which I said I could do myself.  He then advanced that I could “put the miles on the loaner” over the weekend which is of course of ludicrous appeal to me and I suspect my outright dismissal of his economic suggestion disappointed him. Somewhere in the conversation Jason said that finding the problem with OnStar was “hit and miss” which probably provoked me to comment that a replacement computer module (which I had recommended at the outset) was probably the answer.  This likely further animated me to speculate that otherwise I would continue into the future to be dragged through the muck of this enquiry unnecessarily.  At this point the conversation with Jason became strained and we signed off abruptly.

The anxiety of this encounter prompted me to call Mr. Bob Rintoul, General Manager.  When I spoke with him he indicated that it was his information that the problem with OnStar was a network problem affecting Quebec and parts of Ontario. When I heard this I questioned why my vehicle was in the Myers service bay; and I likened it to the preposterous situation of asking a technician to repair a telephone or TV when the problem is the Bell network. When I said this Mr. Rintoul became highly defensive, telling me he was doing all he could, that I was contradicting him, that he managed more than just this dealership and that he was very busy.  Naturally none of that did anything to inspire confidence in resolving my particular issue and I told him that there was no point translating this variation of factual information into a personal assault, that I was only relating the differing opinions I had received from him, his employees and OnStar representatives. Mr. Rintoul told me he had previously ordered a replacement part but had been advised by the technician that it was not appropriate (presumably because the problem with OnStar was its own network).  This of course conflicted with my experience with the loaner in which the OnStar buttons functioned properly during the same period that they had not functioned in my own car. I urged Mr. Rintoul to reconsider ordering the replacement module.  He said he had also instructed the order of a replacement antenna for the car.

When I was sitting with my elderly mother outside her retirement home around 4:00 pm Jason called to advise the tech-guy had come and gone, that everything worked fine, that they discovered no problem and that a replacement module had been ordered and would arrive in about two weeks (an alarmingly long time in this world of couriers). Jason and I had a more civil conversation than our previous one. When I picked up my car around 5:00 pm I met with Mr. Marc Séquin who is the Service Director. He was extremely approachable.  Unfortunately for him I put him through a summary of my complaints with GM for the past year, including a demonstration that the 20″ wheels which Mr. Michaud had appropriated from another XTS last year to put onto my 2016 car (which arrived with 19″ inch contrary to my order instructions) did not match the finish of the chrome on the car (the way the 20″ wheels for my 2017 model did). I further told Mr. Séquin that this year GM’s failed promise to deliver the wooden shifter knob and the prolonged failure of the much-touted OnStar system was leaving an indelible mark on me. I emphasized to Mr. Séquin my adamant intention to preserve the integrity of the car, that I wanted no wooden replacement knob.  Additionally I asked him whether the antenna on the car had been touched and he said no.  I confirmed I did not want to disturb that antenna unless it were clearly defective which he said it was not, that it had been tested and found to be fine.

For the moment I have my car, the WiFi appears to be working.  I tried the three OnStar buttons (hands-free calling, blue button and SOS) at Myers and they all worked.  I will test the WiFi regularly until they notify me that the replacement module has arrived.  Even if the WiFi continues to work it makes sense to me to replace the module because I know for a fact that the loaner OnStar features worked when my car did not, so the problem can’t simply be the network.


Below are the results of daily testing.  This tedious exercise has entirely contaminated what I had hoped to have been an enjoyable purchase experience.  Instead I have ended pitting myself against the staff at Myers and been made to feel a complete annoyance, hardly a preferred customer.

I am naturally hesitant about seeing any redemptive action by either Myers or General Motors.  The expectation of the highest standards was clearly misconceived and naïve.  The discomfort is heightened by the relentless automated requests to complete a survey in spite of my having declined and “unsubscribed” twice:

The survey will only take about five minutes to complete, and your timely response is very important to us. Your feedback will be used to direct the continued efforts of Cadillac and Myers Cadillac Chev Buick GMC Inc. toward meeting the highest expectations of our customers.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

2:30 pm – WiFi not working outside residence (LGWC)

2:35 pm – call OnStar; clerk says she will “refresh” WiFi connection, after which WiFi still does not work; clerk has no knowledge of any network problems

2:45 pm – WiFi works at LGWC

3:30 pm – WiFi works at Booster Juice in Stittsville (Booster)

4:45 pm – WiFi works at 43 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa (Aylmer)

5:50 pm – WiFi works at Sobey’s in Stittsville (Sobey’s)

7:30 pm – WiFi works at LGWC

Sunday, September 25, 2016

1:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC)

1:30 pm – WiFi not working at Hwy#17 (Trans Canada)/Hazledean Road, Stittsville

1:35 pm – WiFi not working on Queensway at Pinecrest

1:40 pm – call OnStar; clerk transfers me to technician who  “refreshes” WiFi connection, after which WiFi begins to work; clerk has no knowledge of any network problems

1:45 pm – WiFi works along Queensway to Orleans and return through Kanata to residence (LGWC) along same route where WiFi earlier failed  at Hwy#17 (Trans Canada)/Hazledean Road, Stittsville

Monday, September 26, 2016

1:15 pm – 5:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC), Glide Car Wash at Stittsville, 43 Aylmer Avenue, various light stops through Kanata; no failure to connect, no need to call OnStar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2:30 pm – WiFi not working outside residence (LGWC), call OnStar and get referred to technician who says he downloaded 2 signals to the car; WiFi works after that outside the residence and in various places throughout Ottawa but fails again on the return to the residence (3G when I left the residence but 4G upon my return) at 7:15 pm.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

9:10 am – WiFi not working outside residence (LGWC), continues not working while tested along the way to Manotick where (@ 10:15 am) I called OnStar and as usual got referred to technician who downloaded signals to the car; WiFi works after that and continues to work at 43 Aylmer Avenue, Booster Juice and Sobey’s in Stittsville and at residence.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

3:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC), continues working at Booster Juice; not working in Smiths Falls and Carleton Place and not working at residence (@5:44 pm).

Friday, September 30, 2016

1:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC), continues working in Bells Corners, Merrickville and at residence (@7:30 pm).

Saturday, October 1, 2016

2:15 pm – 6:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC), Glide Car Wash at Stittsville, 43 Aylmer Avenue, various light stops through Kanata; no failure to connect, no need to call OnStar.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

9:15 am – 6:00 pm – WiFi working outside residence (LGWC), Ivy Lea Club (St. Lawrence Seaway) and return to residence.

Monday, October 3, 2016

WiFi working.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WiFi working.


 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hopefully this is the final chapter of this sorry tale.

It is 8:37 pm.  I have just returned from picking up my car at Myers.  I was there at approximately 3:30 pm and, except for picking up two packages of cheese at Sobey’s in Stittsville on my way home, I have been glued to the car since then to activate the OnStar and Cadillac App on the iPhone and to get OnStar to re-instate minutes I had under the initial activation (but which were deleted upon the installation of the replacement computer module and not transferred to the new account).  I had taken the car to Myers yesterday afternoon as requested.  They advised the new computer module would arrive this morning, which apparently it did; and they called me around 1:00 pm today to tell me it was all set to go (though I would have to re-activate the account because it was exactly like a new installation).

I removed the car from the service bay to a parking area located just outside it.  Initially the WiFi did not work.  I spent an inordinate amount of time with the OnStar techie who had me doing everything imaginable, including turning off the car, walking 15 feet away (with the fob in my pocket) then re-entering the car.  I can’t recall which of this or any other contortion finally worked to activate the WiFi.  At times I was talking to OnStar on their own “blue button” connection and also on my iPhone; the noise competition between the two was unbearable (given OnStar’s mechanical repetition of “Your OnStar advisor will be with you shortly, etc., etc., etc.” I then discovered that they had deleted my previous paid telephone minutes.  That necessitated a transfer to another OnStar representative.  Then I found that the “My Cadillac” App on my iPhone was no longer working.  That took a great deal more trouble to resolve, including having to drive for 15 minutes and park again and re-instate the telephone communication.  All the while, OnStar would nonchalantly ask me to hold for 5 – 10 minutes or sometimes 10 minutes before downloading of updates (or whatever they were doing) could be attended to or effected.

The final insult was to get OnStar to recommence my WiFi data package as though I were starting the service from scratch (since the service had worked only sporadically since I bought the car on August 31st last).  This request was synonymous with moving mountains.  It left an extremely sour taste in my mouth and completely hardened me against OnStar in perpetuity.  That I should be expected to sustain the indignity of this annoyance for over a month, clamouring at OnStar clerks of every description, shouting at GM managers, railing at Service Managers, etc., was beyond belief!

I now only hope that the alleged OnStar service works as touted by GM so enthusiastically.  I am so utterly gun-shy of the product that the less I have to do with it, the better.  It has also completely tainted my view of Cadillac and GM.  My experience in this matter was an utter disgrace!  I can only hope I have never occasion to re-visit it.

I have still yet to hear in writing from GM about how they propose to compensate me for the misleading advertising regarding the wooden knob on the gear shift.  I suspect I shall never hear from them.  And I may return the favour!