Now what?

We may have to re-think things.  The COVID-19 pandemic is turning into a scourge. It’s popular classification has gone from a viral infection to a contagious disease. Not only is international travel out of the question; even crossing provincial interior boundaries to get to the Atlantic Ocean is forbidden. The entire model of vacation reward and wintering has altered. And because of its worldwide affect there is literally no escaping it. Nor does it help that social isolation is a restriction applicable to almost every possible vernacular – effectively creating a world of glass imprisonment barely overcome by the software application Zoom and related internet communicators.

In a nutshell the global virus has severely reduced the former congresses available. What few permitted social gatherings remain – like grocery shopping or getting your teeth cleaned – are highly shrouded in masks and related accessories (everything from sanitizer to thermometers to medical questionnaires). It’s no longer fun going anywhere. There is barely any strength in fashion – a sartorial extravagance outdone by the convenience of polyester and expandable waists. Being collared to one’s home territory day after day has removed the superfluous labour of social nicety. The once spirited proclamation, “We must get together soon!” is becoming more and more whimsical and fleeting.

For those who have a proclivity for isolation, sequestering and privacy in general, the latest social modifications are perfectly tolerable. By contrast for those who survive upon repartee and persiflage the state of affairs is less flavoursome. The contagion has seriously narrowed the manner of expression. Even my revival of the electronic piano has lost its dimension through headphones and no one listening. Gone are the mild interruptions of morning coffee with friends at the local bistro. How many cooks no longer have the enthusiasm of grateful devouring? There are no hotel, pub or restaurant outings to share. The imposition of introversion is by definition a limiting contribution.

The greatest alarm however is the recognition – the acceptance – that there is little that can be done to change things. As popular as Republican reflection upon falsehood may be currently the compelling global reality awaits. It may yet be a long time before things return to normal.

Summertime Sadness
by Lana Del Rey

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby, you the best

Summertime Sadness