Oh, what a lovely day!

There is some traction to be gained from pure optimism, that inescapable encouragement from others – or maybe the instinctive project of oneself – to see the best side of things, to look at life as a challenge to be overcome, to arise above the nagging refrains which pull us down. Yet while these psychological and philosophic communications or intuitions may represent a worthy ambition, the result is more predictable and digestible (as it was today) when the bicycle ride was divine, the blueberry scone was utter perfection, the coffee was chilled, black and strong, the sky was blue, the air was dry and cold and generally speaking I was in a seemingly inexhaustible bumps-a-daisy mood!

These heartfelt transitory moments are to be relished! Seldom is there any specific ingredient which evidently overtakes one’s otherwise mundane preoccupations; but when the occasion arises to test the waters it can be a surprisingly refreshing affair.

We arrived back in Canada from Florida around March 21st last.  It was a precipitous alteration of our erstwhile hibernation on Longboat Key. We adjusted our plans unwillingly but judiciously in retrospect.  It has however taken the full last six months to accommodate the transition to living north of the the 49° parallel for the remainder of the year and into winter next year or perhaps beyond. I mention this because the absorption of the alteration has not by any means been either fluid, natural or desired.  Certainly we do not regret avoiding the cesspool that is Florida at this time; but the memories of more covetable moments linger powerfully.

Notwithstanding this simmering complaint I am incalculably satisfied with our lot. As might be anticipated we have during this period dwelled at length upon the numerous advantages of being here not only for the foreseeable future but if necessary forever.