Okay, what’s really going on here?

Let me understand. This is the man who blatantly lied repeatedly about the size of crowds at his presidential inauguration; who had his now imprisoned personal lawyer pay $130,000 to a porn star to quiet her; who told Americans that the COVID-19 pandemic would be gone by the summer; who denies knowing anyone in Russia (except if preceded by the code: “PP“); who has endured bankruptcy trusteeship on more than one occasion. Is this the guy? There is notably one common element to each of those accounts: the man himself! And I mean the one in the driver’s seat; the one driven by calculated self-interest.

It stands to reason – I say this because not unexpectedly I have nothing other to back it up – that Trump didn’t initiate his escalator ascent from the basement of the entertainment industry overnight.  Someone mistakenly said, “You should run for president!” Either way he began pursuing the observation – no doubt spiced by his gambling romance – until practically by mistake he won! Since his inauguration Trump’s performance has been one after another. He spent the first four years of his presidency reeling from the thrill and incomparable likelihood of his political success. Thus fortified it wasn’t long before he proved the propriety of himself, again and again, but regrettably with diminishing success in results.

But last night’s performance on the balcony of the White House – “Here I am! No mask!” – crystallizes that this poor man reads the fake news as much as any other.  He knows he’s on the way out! He has – whether unwittingly or instinctively – retreated with the rapidity of a snake to his inherent circus blood and devoted himself almost violently and perhaps even to the point of death for that matter to his survival after the election. By definition and necessity all else within the ambit of the president will hereafter be back-burnered.  Today for example he seemingly flew in the face of his election favourability by refusing to sign a recovery bill.  I expect he knows it is better in the end – assuming his predicted loss at the polls – that he return to his erstwhile Republican sycophants the dubious benefit of objection to potentially astronomic expenditure. Don’t overlook quid pro quo that Trump will in return expect dismissal of court cases.

The GOP – and more significantly FOX News – have already begun distancing themselves from Trump (though pointedly without such morality as may expose them to re-election difficulty). I couldn’t but remark aloud last evening how distinctive Mr. Biden is when always speaking about the American people collectively; whereas Mr. Trump seemingly knows no other pronoun than “I”.  Oh, and now reportedly by recollection, “The Proud Boys“.

In conclusion my prediction for the time remaining before the polls close on November 3rd is that Herr Trump will provide us with – pardon to Mr. Ringling for modification – the “Biggest Show on Earth”.