On the cusp

In mathematics, a cusp, sometimes called spinode in old texts, is a point on a curve where a moving point must reverse direction. A typical example is given in the figure. A cusp is thus a type of singular point of a curve.

If there is a singular feature of travel it has to be the element of motion. Ironically the feature applies whether one is going to or going from a particular place. Or as some are wont to say, it’s good to get away but it’s nice to be going home. We have today hit that milestone in our six month sojourn on Key Largo; that is, we’re exactly a month from our departure and return to Canada for the summer. Notwithstanding that, by the account of most, a one month remainder in our sojourn is sizeable, we are nonetheless already preparing to leave.  Soon we shall withdraw the suitcases from the closets and begin to pack what is no longer essential and what will be preferred for the impending cooler weather on our return home. As well our focus is now upon the upcoming season (2023 – 2024); indeed we’re also actively contemplating what we hope or propose to do in the year thereafter (2024 – 2025).  Our preoccupation is not entirely unfounded. We have learned that it is both prudent and necessary to plan these trips at least a year in advance. Governing our choice of venues is primarily weather (at which Key Largo indisputably excels) followed by convenience (parking, bike storage, staircases, swimming and athletic options, the sea or ocean) and naturally cost.  We have noticed a distinct rise in cost on both Hilton Head Island and Longboat Key. It is beginning to insinuate Buttonwood Bay on Key Largo but as yet there is preserved a degree of competition. Key Largo in general and Buttonwood Bay in particular attracts a narrow band of interlopers especially because there are no beaches here of any note; and, golfing is limited. Key Largo is primarily for the fisherman or those interested in boating and deep sea diving. We haven’t any of those particular interests. My pleasure in bicycling or tricycling was this year diminished by my impending knee surgery (which naturally I hope will cure this obstacle).  Cycling, like travel, is for me desirable because of its constancy of movement.  I had hoped to discover many of the side streets of Key Largo (whether on the sea or the ocean) but I hadn’t the strength or audacity to cross the Overseas Highway to the cycling path. It was a whimsy I succeeded instead to fulfill by my addiction to sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

We understand last evening there was a farewell party held for the residents of Buttonwood Bay.  We haven’t joined these social groups for no reason other than we do not normally engage in such public community either here or at home. Certainly we have appreciated and enjoyed our private casual meetings with others – again both here and at home – but that is the extent of our socializing.  We’ve both abandoned the erstwhile commonalities which were typical of our professional lives.

In the result, as I say, we’re on the cusp of our departure.  As the majority of residents begin to leave shortly, their absence will heighten the flavour of our impending egress. I have already spoken at length with others about their upcoming duties and plans upon their return home. Frankly we’re both excited about our return home as well. We have a great deal to settle our new digs; and, like typical old fogeys, we have a long list of medical appointments already scheduled.