On the edge

Seemingly the vibrancy in life involves coming and going not remaining static. At the beginning of March we’ve begun to contemplate our departure from Hilton Head Island and our return to Canada for the summer.  It’s not that we’re anxious to leave. Indeed just moments ago upon our return from an early morning breakfast at the Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café (Local Favourite for 18 years!) we revelled in the exceeding delight of the sojourn so far this year. Yet knowing the upcoming commotion of the RBC Heritage Classic golf tournament – and frankly having exhausted the novelty of our quotidian affairs – we cannot but react hesitatingly to an invasion of our erstwhile private space and instead look with renewed enthusiasm upon our approaching return home.  Since December last year the Island has been predominantly secluded from the precipitous traffic that is to follow marking the start of the season here. Our reclusive and nomadic instincts are once again percolating within us.

Unquestionably we’ve begun to blend in with the wallpaper. A protracted stopover invariably reduces the gloss that initially permeates one’s environment. And I miss certain of the customs notably practiced in Canada, like my daily circular drive from home to Renfrew County and back which reflects my admiration for wide open agrarian spaces, good roads and the expression of a fine automobile.  It is an ambition which further daily insinuates my being because upon our return I shall engage with the automotive dealership in what is the annual “upgrade”. Surely it is a small compliment to one’s breadth of endeavours but for me it represents a critical activity whence I derive inexpressible buzz.  What is more, my diminished mobility has through this channel its otherwise impossible asseveration. Decisions and reflections such as these are axiomatic at my advanced age.

The high tide today is at three o’clock.  The wind is precisely from the west at 8 km/h which makes for an ideal outing to Tower Beach then back along the beach to Sea Pines Beach Club.