Out of the rough…

The day began well – and I won’t say it hasn’t been a predominantly sustained rapture – but mid afternoon unanticipated complications arose which disarranged and soured the initial perfection. We’ve had to battle the internet and computers, never an auspicious confrontation because more often than not the assured winner is technology over humanity. In the result I am uncertain whether it was just one of those “reboot” situations required; or, whether the site we were attempting to access was undergoing maintenance; or, whether the latest Apple update contaminated everything; or, finally whether it were necessary merely to remove the historic bookmark and start from scratch. Whatever. We at last succeeded in our researches and endeavours; and, in fact and in fairness enlarged upon the functionality of the site.  But what an unforgiving exercise!  We were close to fisticuffs between ourselves as the mounting obstruction heightened our voices and sharpened like arrows our otherwise well-intentioned directions to one another. Nonetheless it was a relieving undertaking upon completion.  Now at last I am at liberty to gaze upon the becalmed river in the distance, mellowed almost to the point of incongruity as the sun sinks and the shadows overtake the whole. By chance Pacelbel’s Canon restores my fractured conciliation.

Our journey has of late been one of abbreviation and specification.  It has in retrospect been both a challenge and an unparalleled improvement. Confrontation is not always something from which one readily and happily survives. Nor am I being purely accommodating to say so. It has all been an agreeable transition from our initial platform.

As for other good news today it was a day once again distinguished by outstanding weather and several serendipitous encounters with dear ancient friends, acquaintances and associates who for a variety of reasons percolated from within the overall neighbourhood including for example not only my former family physician but also our talented landscaper and my reliable banker.

Meanwhile we’ve witnessed yet another descent of American politics to the shallows and weeds of Trump as the Republican Party is overtaken by mediocrity and mendacity, poisonous credentials no matter what the appearance of playground success. The picture is a long shot from the autumnal allure of bullrushes in the diminishing roadside marshes. The world in my opinion is now too small to withstand unmitigated nationalism and undisguised racism. Like it or not change is abroad.