Pacific Meandering

With the advancement of my chronology (I am now a mere puff away from ¾ of a century) and with commensurately increasing physical immobility (I never did appreciate walking), it is perhaps alarming that movement and motion should become more and more an assimilation of mine. I speak here in particular of the art of cycling (which in my case has been amended to include the now more topical craft of tricycling). Indeed I regard the venture now as a prerogative to the fruitful enjoyment of the day. It may seem curious that the most resplendent of my private amusements is one of the most palpably robust (though I hasten to tranquillize the effort by a confession of simple application without especial object, favour or statistical reward).

Regarding my Fitness App on my iPhone, I see for example that since my left knee replacement surgery on May 24, 2023 (six weeks ago) my daily record of Workouts (Oudoor Cycle) since May 23 (5.80 Km) has descended since June 22 almost daily thereafter from 2.27 Km to the most recent compromise (1.63 Km) a couple of days ago. Today’s distance (5.37 Km) by contrast reignites what has become my standard of motion, a limitation which oddly suits accommodation both here and elsewhere. I guess there’s only so much one can do.

But to get to the point…the event that follows was but one of several similarly auspicious events which occurred today. I accordingly felt the need to communicate both the intelligence and the rapture of at least one of the bounties.

We have so it turns out an indescribably convenient, negotiable and inviting cycling right-of-way. And as thrilled as I am about that prospect of endurance, I am by contrast now alluding to the less than athletic endeavour of motoring. I was today reminded of this old favourite (motoring) as I sped along the road in the late afternoon.

The cycle (by which I mean the rotation not the circulation) begins let us say for convenience at the Almonte Butcher (of whose chocolate chip cookies I may speak endlessly). Then commences the acceleration for lift-off.  At the next intersection be prepared to boost onto the highway (Appleton Side Road) in the direction of the Village of Appleton) at a recommended speed not to exceed 80 Km/hr. It is a bucolic but tranquil picture. The artistry of the adjoining farms varies. From a strictly geographic viewpoint, the entire length of Appleton Side Road is bound by the Town of Almonte and the nearby Village of Appleton where lies the Mississippi Golf Club (another favourite of ours).

Just on the lip of the Town of Carleton Place is the start of what by any standard would be a heralded an unquestionable attribute. And with that support I agree. It is a relatively new 4-lane highway from the Town of Carleton Place to the City of Ottawa. To me it is a ribbon of ecstasy. Plus it very conveniently completes my entire journey along it from and back to Carleton Place without interruption of any degree whatsoever (unless you count 100 yards of roadwork) to get my car washed daily.

The current visit to Stittsville from the highway is unremarkable, a short but expedient course to the car wash.  The energy from which the overall venture derives is the openness of the roads along which it navigates. Be assured, there are other avenues, other ways to get there and back from the same locations.  But the path I have outlined here has been a favourite of mine for years. I was briefly acquainted with Norm Sterling the incumbent Member of Parliament when the expense was approved. But to this day I recall the moment I first drove upon the highway from the Appleton Side Road turn-off. It was like launching a bolt to the sea! Everything was a wending ribbon up and down, into the west, towards the horizon. It was – and still is – a marvel of vision. This hopeful, inspiring image was accentuated by the appropriate music (though normally I open all the windows including the landau roof).

As the moment advances quickly, I shall but briefly mention that precedent to all this marvel and amusement today we cycled (literally a combination of bicycling and tricycling) 5.37 Km from beginning to end along that very favourable route from Riverfront Estates to the end of Industrial Drive.  It is a section of roadway still entirely within the usual residential traffic limits so it has an attraction for cyclists and pedestrians.