Poor little Tucker!

Well! Who didn’t have a guffaw this afternoon upon the news that poor little Tucker has at last something legitimately to make him look like he’d just been kicked in the side of the head with a jackboot!

Quite possibly the former president Trump will be among those most gloating over poor little Tucker’s misfortune today.  Trump has a well known affection for vengeance (that is, at least until he sees a way of profiting from the erstwhile complaint).

For the rest of the world – including no doubt the Evangelicals who know the need to expiate one’s guilt – poor little Tucker has a long road ahead. Maybe one which is destined to be downhill before he hits the bottom of the valley below.

Poor little Tucker is a bad boy, according to rich old Rupert. However it’s very unlikely the pernicious elements of the FOX family show are gone. But it’s a start.  And terrific entertainment as always!