Rainy day

A lonely cow is mooing plaintively in the wet grey distance, somewhere beyond the burgeoning crop of verdant soy beans, somewhere on this side of the drizzly foggy river, somewhere perhaps beyond the distant trees that separate the feudal swaths of land from the Quarter Sessions road that tumbles down to the river’s edge.

While methodically tricycling in the subterranean garage I paused to communicate with the godfather of our apartment building.  He is the chap who, perhaps because he and his wife have resided here since the opening on November 1st, 2022, seems to know everyone and everything. I wouldn’t say he is a nosey Parker; rather, astute. He reported there are now 4 vacant units, one directly above us (she and her baby went across the street – literally – to reside with her in-laws in their house), one down the hall (she and her little barking dog returned to her house – literally – three streets away), one from the first floor (a fat couple – although the husband lost a lot of weight – with a big dog), and another couple with their baby who returned across town to inhabit their renovated home.

This afternoon in the persistent rain I ventured onto the highway, clogging and squishing my way through the misty country channel into the stream of drivers headed to the city. Up and down the ribbon of highway once again through the middle of vast farmlands separating us from here to there.

Coincidentally after coming off the elevator upon my return home I encountered a woman who recently moved into the building.  I invited her to visit for a quick view of our apartment.  Immediately upon entering she remarked, as everyone does, upon the grand view. Nor was this a knee-jerk concession. She disclosed that she suffers macular degeneration. Like so many others in this building she is adjusting to aging; and commensurately reuniting with children and grandchildren. Interestingly upon leaving she commented that she had initially avoided renting here because of the high price but subsequently changed her mind because the rental cost decreased. While I am curious to know what she pays (she also has a 2-bedroom unit though it faces downriver to the Old Town Hall), it would be largely redundant intelligence because I have no intention to leave except feet-first. I relish too that we are the first to occupy this unit. Importantly as well we have, in the course of two years during which we’ve paid rent for the place, succeeded to complete, adjust and accommodate our furnishings. This milestone identifies my lifetime interest in furniture. As odd as it may sound I am now familiarizing myself with what furniture remains (and what we have bought since coming here to suit the size of the place and our needs). But like our visitor, my focus is now predominantly on the enchanting fields and river beyond.

Not entirely though. Today I have dwelt at considerable length upon various internet features which hitherto have escaped my attention.  Never can I resolve my internet issues by deliberation; rather, by accident.  I have learned that controlling electronics is hit and miss; and, mostly missing.  Eventually however by perseverance I recover what is hidden or lost. Naturally my current preoccupation amounts to a hideously vacuous absorption yet shamefully it succeeds to alert and interest me. It is the same derivative of indolence which I employed during a financial meltdown years ago when practicing law and having nothing much better to do.  Paradoxically – and comically in retrospect – I then extended my growing interest in computers (the internet and the desktop computer had only lately made their way onto the public stage) by purchasing and installing software for electronic bookkeeping. Until that point we relied upon One-Write paper documentation.

One-Write Systems ensure accounting efficiency and control by eliminating multiple data entry… thus the term One-Write. With the advent of computerized systems, many companies still have the need to perform their business functions using a One-Write System. Data Business Systems recognizes this demand in the marketplace and is capable of supporting existing systems as well as supplying companies that still possess the need for a particular type of system that a computer simply cannot replace.

Having painfully distorted Bedford Accounting (the computerized software) into a manageable legal vernacular (with combined general and trust account capabilities) I subsequently initiated myself to the thrill of computer software for a multitude of purposes including electronic land registration, title insurance and on-line provincial incorporations.  Meanwhile in the background were the astronomic modifications of word processing and document preparation.

The Canadian version of Sage 50 was previously known as Bedford Accounting and later renamed to Simply Accounting. In 2013 it was brought under the Sage 50 banner. Bedford Software developed Bedford Integrated Accounting for DOS in 1985 and for Macintosh in 1988, then naming it Simply Accounting. Bedford Software was acquired by Computer Associates in 1989. Simply Accounting became an Independent Business Unit of Computer Associates in 1996 and subsequently incorporated as ACCPAC International, Inc. in 1998. ACCPAC was acquired by The Sage Group in 2004 for integration with its ERP products. It is developed in Richmond, British Columbia.

I have learned too that one mustn’t rely upon every feature of a computer program. Not merely to preserve individuality; but also to escape the peril of human error in the background.  It is for this reason I am never threatened by AI as I cling to the belief that the human mind is always superlative. No matter how decisive a computer program may be there is always room for further interpretation.