Time is running out
The candidates fight, it’s still a bout
Battleground states, the keys to victory
But many polls are contradictory

“Pack your patience,” news execs warn
The night’ll be long, this they have sworn
Write-In ballots of much concern
Pile-ups, hold-ups cause things to churn

How long to count when all is in
Who will lose, who will win
Trump predicts bedlam after election
Boarding up businesses, now erection

Red wave, blue wave, each predicts
At some point we will see just who clicked
Republican voters are gonna come home
Trump avows his following, that they won’t roam

Confrontation on the road
Destination, it was slowed
Cars surrounded, blocked the way
Of Biden’s bus, it could not stray

Trump supporters caused the jam
Yelling, cursing, bullies-they-did slam
“We’re in for a whole lot of hurt.”
Dr. Fauci said, covid alert

White House says it’s playing politics
Not much more than a ton of bricks
Covid no stop but Trump now immune
Out of control, vaccine, how soon

Double whammy, covid and flu
In San Francisco, one case is true
Season is now
Become aware, furrow your brow

The election and covid, which has more weight
Serious times, too much on the plate

Rocci Fisch, Random Thoughts

Rocci Fisch