When I think back upon what I’ve heard and seen of Donald J. Trump  – beginning with his outstandingly distorted comment about his inauguration crowd, his lasciviousness, his psychotic proclamation of genius and wealth, his history of litigation and bankruptcy, his relentless devotion to negativism, his constant denial of fact and perpetuation of lies – there is nothing, absolutely nothing which appeals to me. I say this with great care and purpose. I am mindful of what to me is the peculiar attraction of Trump’s vulgarity to what he himself has insinuated are his incapable or inadequate supporters – what Hilary Clinton astutely observed were the so-called “deplorables“. Though I recognize the historic division between “Country Mouse” and “City Mouse“, the distinctions are normally confined to the members themselves. Heightening the separation of people with comic-like leaders shown holding a flag on a tank leading a charge into war is perhaps entertaining – even stimulating for some – but decidedly childish in the circumstances. Most importantly Trump’s theatrics – while impressive to a circus scout – have done nothing on the legislative scene to improve the lot of his supporters.

When I first took notice of the Republican Party many years ago it was I thought a collection of predominantly rich, white men who sought to protect or advance their own capital interests. Fifty years later I see the GOP as largely the same constitution as I once imagined; and their interests appear to be the same.  Trump has however – for purposes of igniting an audience and stimulating a mob style mass – jumped over the capital interests of the rich onto the backs of the poor and disadvantaged seeking to capture their trove of disparity. It discourages me to see Trump so deliberately manipulate his audience for confrontational purposes. The theme of his rallies is “Build the Wall“, “Lock Her Up” or “Stop the Steal“. The seething anger and discontent of his audience is first manufactured then fitted. None of those chants begins to approach the real hardship of his audience; rather for purposes of his own aggrandizement he stokes the fires of misunderstanding, racism and superiority. Never have those credentials done anything to improve society. Trump never built the wall; he’s the one more likely to be locked up; and currently while buried within the White House he is the only person who doesn’t know he’s lost the race. He is seemingly determined to fulfill his agenda of self-destruction while doing everything possible to drag America down with him.

Trump will not succeed.  He never has. His election was an accident from the beginning and he knows it. His fairy-like existence as King of the World is over! He will afford equal discredit to his unfortunate family and dribbling sycophants.

People are tired of playing his losing game.

‘The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House’