As a remote Canadian observer from Canada I am daily distressed by the acceleration of anger between Americans. It seems so vengeful, so calculated, so useless. Its repeated abrasion has succeeded only to dampen the pain of the injury. It has become akin a high school debate where winning alone is the imperative.  Unfortunately we’re not dealing with a simple resolution such as “Little Red Riding Hood is a sexual myth” wherein the winner of the debate is irrelevant. What’s missing in these unending lobbies from one side to the other is any attempt to clarify why exactly the Americans are arguing in the first place. Nor is it enough simply to blame billionaires.  They need a working economy and happy workers more than anyone. And of course Trump is a puppet. We all are, just different strings.

Trump and FOX NEWS moderators are simply entertainment; and they are easy targets.  What however (in my opinion) is yet unexplained is why people are drawn to the GOP.  Clearly there is something sustaining the GOP and its minions; and, I hardly think it is either Trump or FOX NEWS.  You have alluded to the mercurial nature of the FOX NEWS allies – who significantly shift if there is any suggestion of Democratic entitlement. There is something more persuasive insinuating the American public.  What little I have discerned leads me to believe it is a fear of immigration.  This morning I heard a Californian GOP candidate for mayor in Nevada proclaim that his only objective is to close the border, send immigrants back where they came from and force applications for immigration to wait in line beyond the border until their application is heard.  Naturally the candidate added the tautological threat of crime and military insurgency.

A far more intellectual analysis of the current leanings of the American public would in my opinion be warranted.  Merely lapsing into the vernacular, employing vulgar language and throwing spit balls is not improving.  To anyone.  We’re all secretly ambitious to resolve the acrimony.  And be assured that if humanity can make self-driving automobiles and put men on the moon, we can also figure this out without resulting disaster. Neither money nor imagination is the dilemma.

Capturing an audience as you have clearly done is laudable.  But using your talent for a more productive result than stirring one’s cockles would in my opinion be more propitious. Insight, definition.  Happiness is not that difficult to explain; nor why we aren’t.

In the alternative, even if I am wrong, the inescapable truth is that if Trump is convicted in the New York Stormy Daniel’s case, his lawyer’s will appeal. It will be years from now before the machinations are complete. If he is convicted we’re no further ahead.  There is no way he’ll go to jail.  It’ll be house arrest at the outside.

Bill (Chapman)

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Fox News lied about jury instructions and incited a total wingnut meltdown