Rounding out the month of May

There has been a media and internet gush of predictable words from Trump and everyone around him. Trump’s criminal conviction on May 30th, 2024 may even rank with the World Series for universality. The Democrats appear to be keeping their cards to their chest, avoiding gleefully responding to the case. Nor is the complacency entirely without motive; there lingers the threat that somehow Trump will miraculously translate this disgrace and indiscretion into a cause célèbre useful to his election as president of the United States of America. This makes me ask myself, “Am I the only one who sees this?”

Honestly I cannot imagine the there is an alternate universe wherein thinking people foresee Donald J. Trump as anything other than entertainment. Granted it disturbs me too that the likes of Ronald Reagan and a variety of other Hollywood personalities have succeeded to the political stage. I guess if one were to be asked, the task of running for election, then tolerating the in-house kerfuffle is best left to those with the insulation of vanity invariably attributable to performers. It’s the old legislation and sausage joke, not wanting to see how either is made. The lascivious underpinning of Trump’s trial adequately affirms that morsel.

From CNN, we have the following:

Stefanik said. “From the start, the weaponized scales of justice were stacked against President Trump.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who traveled to support Trump during his trial and helped to fuel false claims of electoral fraud in 2020, brought the symbolic weight of his office to support Trump and attack the legal system. “Today is a shameful day in American history. Democrats cheered as they convicted the leader of the opposing party on ridiculous charges, predicated on the testimony of a disbarred, convicted felon. This was a purely political exercise, not a legal one,” the Louisiana Republican claimed.

Another top Trump ally, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, said there was never a chance of a fair trial in a city which drew its jury pool from one of the most liberal areas in America. “This verdict says more about the system than the allegations. It will be seen as politically motivated and unfair, and it will backfire tremendously on the political Left,” Graham said. “This is a mockery of justice.”

Graham’s comment promoted an idea that’s taken hold among conservatives that a Republican leader can only get a fair trial if they are judged in a jurisdiction where they are popular — a proposition that would effectively permanently politicize justice.

One Republican who refused to join the rush to trash the verdict is former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who’s running for Senate. “At this dangerously divided moment in our history, all leaders—regardless of party—must not pour fuel on the fire with more toxic partisanship,” Hogan said in a statement ahead of the verdict being announced.

Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign wrote on X: “You just ended your campaign.”

Meanwhile longtime moderate Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin registers as an independent. The truth hurts; and, it is so far less entertaining!

“Our national politics are broken and neither party is willing to compromise to find common ground,” Manchin, who has long been a pivotal swing vote in the Senate, said in a statement. “To stay true to myself and remain committed to put country before party, I have decided to register as an independent with no party affiliation and continue to fight for America’s sensible majority.”