Saturday Lunch

We were a remarkably compatible lot at lunch today, the four of us.  There was that fluidity and transparency common to family gatherings in general, the singular lack of social gloss upon what is the overriding feature of togetherness peculiar to the communion of relatives. The congregation would not have been interpreted otherwise even from an abstract view of the components, two elderly men and two young women. There was clearly nothing nefarious about our convention.  Instead the profound elements of sharing and personal interest were likely apparent.  Everyone’s body language said as much, the reclining postures, the unfolded arms, the eruptions of laughter.  The purpose of eating and drinking underscored the birthday agenda. The tête-à-tête was fraught with unmistakeable import and introversion.

Our imaginations flew across the Atlantic Ocean to England where the two girls plan to travel a year hence. The chance to live while they’re young! The vast universe of callow discovery! In preparation for the voyage we bandied doors to close before opening others. And paused to reflect, to wonder, to consider. Where will we all be a year from now?

The repast yawned drowsily into coffee and desert and suddenly it was time to go.  Go to SuzyQ Doughnuts next door to face another temptation.