Settling in…

It’s such a warm and breezy late summer day, yet so manifestly autumnal with the flying orange and yellow leaves dropping from the trees! My mounting complaints of old age noticeably hindered me this morning when attempting to get going before another chime of the grandfather clock. With the assistance of Tylenol Arthritis and THC – plus a green apple en route –  I succeeded to mount the bicycle and to roll along the well-worn fine gravel path of the erstwhile railway right-of-way which trims the Mississippi River and borders vast open fields.

Assuaging my perpetual anxiety during this run of the pandemic (which daily increases in magnitude to approach the level of a plague) was a welcome email from Bobbie in which she attached a Bloomberg article by Mr. Noah Feldman. As a media report on such a sensitive subject as the Supreme Court nominee to replace the recently deceased Madam Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mr. Feldman’s piece was astonishingly removed from the constant prattle of politicians to the more acute subject of the nominee’s training and capacity.

Hello, Bobbie and George!

Thank-you for this informative and very digestible article by Mr. Feldman.  I confess my initial purely visceral reaction upon hearing the news of Trump’s expected SC nominee was accepting. Justice Barrett’s credentials are hardly less than superlative.  This is naturally a credit to the Court notwithstanding the reality that she like anyone else comes with some anticipated psychological and cultural baggage. As for the paramountcy of the “Rule of Law” I regret that I am too old and hardened to remain completely hopeful about that particular deduction notwithstanding its ethereal bases.

Regarding the article itself I am however more impressed by the nature of the “spin” which Mr. Feldman applies to the nominee.  As Mr. Feldman has posited, the elemental and inescapable fact is that she is worthy of consideration. This feature during an election run is an anodyne to the national interest rather than a purely disruptive and political narrative. I commend Mr. Feldman in the heat of this binary confrontation for having reminded us of the over-riding imperatives of our collective being.


Virtually every item on our human agenda has been frozen in time or re-engineered. No longer is the anthropoid  with all his or her exceptional ability as the higher primate capable of predicting or controlling nature’s current volatility and universal infection. Everything has been shut down – churches, schools, restaurants, fairs and retail. Not to mention family gatherings and private dinner parties. What persists are distortions of our former social conventions. There are line-ups for grocery stores. Strangers routinely jump back from you in a perverse attempt to isolate and capture pure uncontaminated air.  Going out – other than driving one’s own car – is depressing. And haunting.  No one really knows where this is going.  The only thing about which I am presently absolutely certain is that we will not be going to Key Largo for the winter.

In my persistence to over-rule the domination of depression and inutility I have fashioned a number of new ways and resources to enable me to maintain what I believe constitutes an improvement of life. I like to think as well that the accommodation synthesizes the elements now at play and insinuates whatever adoption or alteration may be required.  In short my objective is not diminution but rather expansion. In my hands the product is likely to amount to no more than a peasant dish, the so-called and broadly excusable “gibelotte“. Because there’s really no alternative other than abiding complaint it only makes sense to me to do whatever I can to strengthen my current well-being.

Amy Coney Barrett Deserves to Be on the Supreme Court – Bloomberg