Shaking it down!

It is only within the past 4 months (since we precipitously learned of the inhibiting sale aspirations of our landlord on Key Largo) that we have succumbed to the perishing dread of having to contemplate our own renewed ambitions in the subtropics. As is normal the conflicts are nothing which cannot be cured by a little time and a lot of money.  Indeed it is one of the central obscurities of this unraveling that the rental vacation market has suddenly rocketed skyward.

What we have engineered as are own solution is a combination of ingredients and initiatives. For example keeping in mind the adage about “distinction without a difference”, we have succeeded to convince ourselves of the equivalency of restricted time and bountiful resources. To absorb this adjustment one need only contemplate the competition of boredom; that is, prolongation is not necessarily stimulation.

Though it smacks of unrestrained haughtiness to diminish a 6-month sojourn on the Florida Keys as approaching commonplace or dispensable, the blunt inquisition is as usual, “Is that all there is?”

Though we haven’t yet set one or both feet in the grave, we’re anxious to avoid the perils of old age and overall declension. This means being open to novelty. We have accordingly limited our winter landfall within the warmer climes; while at the same time we’re perusing the opportunities at sea.

The greater and more delicious description of these accommodations is that we’re coping with change; and, in the process enhancing our life experiences.