Slow Day

What is normally a “get up and go” morning tradition was today far less animated. In addition to an increasingly cloudy sky, a glance at the lagoon told us that a light rain had begun. From time to time its intensity increased.  We wouldn’t soon liberate ourselves from the confines of the house nor the confines of our imagination. We were obliged to linger over coffee and our computers, monotonously puttering while pining to go for a bicycle ride.

Throughout the morning I composed and sent a number of emails, many by way of season’s greetings to people with whom I hadn’t communicated for some time.  The imposed inertia wasn’t entirely a lost opportunity.  After handling a telephone call from a former client, it was suddenly noon and we were perched at the kitchen table gulping down homemade soup.  The lethargy of the day then overcame me and I succumbed to the cozy comfort of my bed for an hour.

It took a moment to recover from my slumber.  Shortly afterwards we were on our bikes and touring previously unexplored parts of the neighbourhood.  We knew it was too late in the day to go to the beach so we contented ourselves with an abbreviated jaunt to Harbour Town.  There the declining sun was illuminating the yachts.