So much for that!

Once again I have proven to myself – albeit inadvertently and certainly not wishfully – that the automotive industry is rife with peril for the uninitiated. Today I went to Lincoln Heights Ford ostensibly to collect my new vehicle. I was informed that the estimated price outlined in the Bill of Sale dated and signed September 28, 2022 for a Corsair expected to arrive March, 2023 had increased by an estimated $20,000. I can tell you it wasn’t long before I unceremoniously excused myself from the dealership. This extraordinary element of change far surpassed digestibility of the industry qualification of trade-in allowance as “est only”. I was practically ill when I heard it suggested that, because the new car is 6 months late in delivery, my car had declined in value – without acknowledging in the same breath that Lincoln’s car was already a year old before I had even bought it. My withdrawal was hurtful, unanticipated and a complete reversal of what I had addressed a year ago with the best of intentions and expectations.  Clearly I was wrong.  The challenge now is to redirect my interest to less mercurial outcome with a less off-putting supplier.

Lincoln Heights Ford, Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario

After having attempted to temper my wounds (an afternoon jaunt with my long-standing friend Jill to Vodkow Distillery on Industrial Drive, Almonte for smoothies that were nonpareil) I contacted Lincoln Canada Client Relationship Center.  The telephonist bravely endured my prolonged rant about Lincoln Canada.  Specifically I informed the telephonist that my objection was not with the retailer and any contact she might invoke with the retailer should be certain to clarify that my disfavour is directed against Lincoln Canada not the independent retailer.

Vodkow Distillery, Industrial Drive, Almonte, Ontario

Naturally the moment the telephonist heard that I hadn’t any complaint with the dealership (with which I have dealt routinely for 20 years or more) she was seemingly at a loss to construe the import of my disquietude with Lincoln Canada. It smacks of utter absurdity to imagine that conduct of this divisive and objectionable nature is somehow to be expected from Lincoln Canada who can in turn pretend to shield its toxicity behind its retailers.

When I returned home I attended to re-stocking my vehicle with all my personal possessions and accessories after having only yesterday cleared them out in anticipation of the arrival of the new Corsair. So far this topical gesture has not reignited my sympathy for Lincoln Canada. And I fully suspect the trepidation will linger. Similarly I have no expectation of any improving knowledge to be unveiled by the supplier (though as one final act of requital I have asked the telephonist to have one of her superiors call me since the telephonist willing confessed she hadn’t a clue how to handle my intelligence. Not exactly a blistering commendation to the industry in general or to Lincoln Canada in particular.