Stop and go,,,

Things don’t always go as planned. The simple matters of getting a car wash, putting air in the tyres and filling the gas tank for example were each pestered this morning with unanticipated complication. Even before all that began, I was on the computer earlier around 7:30 am (the car wash doesn’t open until eight o’clock) and I couldn’t get my Apple Music “Listen Now” feature to work.  In fact, none of the Apple Music features including Browse or Radio were working.  At the time I settled for one of my Playlists, in particular Johnny Nash singing “I can see clearly now” with the lovely repetitious words, “It’s gonna be a bright sunshiny day!” Hours later, after turning off my entire computer and re-starting the device and, under the further direction of His Lordship, “quitting” the logo from the computer launchpad, all the Apple Music features have returned to normal. I’m now listening to Kiri Te Kanawa singing “O Mio Babinno Caro” from Giacomo Puccini’s comic opera Gianni Schicchi based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

But as I say, the computer glitch was before I left the apartment at 7:50 am to go to the car wash.  When I arrived there, there were cars in the vacuum spaces but 4 blue plastic cones blocked the entrance to the car wash. Significantly there was no “Closed for Maintenance” sandwich board as I have seen in the past. I hesitated but then uttered a dysphemism and left.  As I drove away I reflected that I had nothing better to do for the rest of my life so I circled around (literally) at the traffic circle at the intersection of William Hilton Parkway and Pope Avenue.  Within minutes I was back at the car wash. It was still closed.

I refused to be deterred in my ambition.  I entered upon a strategic delay tactic. It was a pleasant day and I still had nothing better to do. So I drove to the intersection of William Hilton Parkway and Palmetto Dunes.  Instead of turning right into Palmetto Dunes I turned left into Shelter Cover where I took an unfamiliar route. It ended being a very pleasant drive through select residential real estate bordering the local yacht club. There are so many delightful enclaves throughout Hilton Head Island. In the past – when I was younger and more physically capable – I often cycled through many of these more remote areas (that is, distant from Sea Pines where we have always stayed). In any event, following this little adventure I decided to return once again to the car wash and – surprise! – it was in full progress, cars lined up at the entrance.  I got in line and awaited the gate to uplift then proceeded through the wash as has been my daily custom for the past 2½ months.

With this measurable undertaking now accomplished I fashioned the time had come to address the more compelling matter of air pressure in the tyres.  The Lincoln Way App recommends Front 38/ Rear 42.  After much fussing with the air pressure machine I have managed to get 42/43 instead of the recommended pressure.  I shall try to deflate the front tyres later. It is an annoying procedure either way – inflation or deflation – because both require examination of the car indicators on the dashboard to determine the current status. It is nothing something I am accustomed to do; and even after this moderate success I have little inclination to repeat the enterprise, preferring instead to rely upon trained mechanics with the proper devices for tyre pressure monitoring.

My final exploit was putting gas in the car.  Normally as you know this is not an insurmountable task.  But the complication today was that in my haste to get to the car wash I had forgotten my wallet (both driver’s license and credit card).  The place where I used the air pressure device is also a gas station.  The attendant is hidden behind an enclosed glass-front cage-like box.  He spoke to me through a loud speaker from inside his cage.  They do not accept Apple Pay which I had on my iPhone which I habitually carry with me. I drove instead to a gas station in Sea Pines. By comparison to the first gas station the one in Sea Pines is antique; I’ve frequently had trouble “burping” the hose to get the gas to flow from the pump. Nonetheless they do accept Apple Pay.  I used my device to approve a US$40 charge to my account, then filled the gas tank for US$21 on the understanding – as related by the elderly female attendant at the inside counter where I spoke with her – that the surplus amount on my card would be credited to me.  We’ll see.  So far the internet reports the US$40 charge as “pending” but nothing else yet appears on record.  I’m confident it will work as suggested.  My exposure is limited in any event.