Stormy Weather

Overnight the temperature dropped a discernible 30 degrees from yesterday’s near record high of 82ºF to this morning’s bracing 52ºF.  The violent face of the grey and roiling Ocean says it all, winds from the North!  Things will gradually turn around over the next five days to more seasonable temperatures but in the meantime we’re living something reminiscent of a blustery October day on the Maine coast.


Life at an oceanside resort is materially affected by inclement weather.  Even though the infinity pool is heated it will not likely attract many takers today when the ambient temperature is so frigid.  The nearby Racquet Club has an indoor pool and steam bath but even it has limited appeal on such a chilly day. If one were inclined to drink there is at least some temptation in that recreation though I cannot but think what a blight an afternoon indulgence is upon the cherished evening preprandial cocktail.  It may however be a sacrifice worth performing given the general miserableness of the day. Perhaps a more sensible diversion is an improving book or maybe just the supreme intemperance of an afternoon nap.

We decided that the calculation of our week’s bicycle rental concludes today (Friday) having begun last Saturday when we arrived on the Island.  We are not far from the bicycle rental shop Amelia Wheels so we rode them there and walked back to the main hotel along the cobblestone trail which was well marked by quaint postilions for visitors.  We passed a surprising number of determined joggers along the way.

Back at the room I wasn’t long succumbing to an unprecedented morning snooze. I am uncertain whether the weather is soporific or the absence of dazzling sunshine drained my enthusiasm. I suspect it is neither, rather that I merely submitted to my natural inclination to relax after having spent the previous week here in the usual mad industry which so frequently accompanies arrival at a vacation destination.  We have by now exhausted our curiosity about what this 1,350-acre resort has to offer.  Yesterday’s brief cycling tour along the beach effectively capped our spirit of enquiry.  We are now quite happy to relinquish our desire to learn in favour of wallowing repose especially as we are now counting the several days remaining before our departure from here and return to Canada after four months’ absence.

A hurried adventure upon the howling balcony to scrutinize the dull aspect of the beach and leaden Ocean turbulence reminded me of that dismal side of life upon which we must all ultimately reflect.  What on the other hand are the sublime buoyancies of life but a variation upon its troughs?  Sustaining a high-pitched excitement is  inevitably wearing, a sure-fire recipe for monotony and an unfair diminution of the bright times of a sunny day.  North Wind, do your best!