Sunday afternoon stroll

To some people it might seem alarming that I get fired up about taking my octogenarian mother for an afternoon stroll in her wheelchair but that is precisely what we did today.  And we enjoyed it! Permit me to set the scene by enlightening you that my mother now resides in a retirement residence on Colonel By Drive in Ottawa South.  The building she inhabits is effectively adjacent the famed Rideau Canal along which pedestrians walk, bicyclists cycle and on which boaters paddle or motor and – during the winter – people skate. It is an idyllic neighbourhood of older homes in a cherished location.


The toxic ingredient of today’s Sunday afternoon stroll was that we were able to convince my mother to allow us to push her in her new wheelchair. Although my mother has passed her 89th birthday she nonetheless abhors anything which might be perceived as evidence of her declension. I applied my best motivating skills to get my mother to relent and was rewarded with success.  We literally pushed off in the brilliant afternoon sunshine and took our place among the ambulatory and cyclical people of like mind. Our goal was Dow’s Lake located nearby. While the affair required moderate application it wasn’t long before we fulfilled our purpose and were staring at the glistening waters of the Lake.


After a lingering view of the Lake and at my mother’s urging we reversed the expedition to her residence. Frankly the walk was sufficient for us both as well. We had nicely accomplished a diverting and pleasant stroll. Along the return path we marvelled at the new homes which have lately been constructed and enthused about the delightful gardens which ornament the walkways.