Sunny Day at the Beach

I maintain it doesn’t matter where on the face of the earth you are, if the sun is shining, nothing could be better.  The opposite by the way is also true. Anyway today was a brilliantly sunny day on the beach!  I am still glowing. During my entire time on the beach I saw only two clouds. I would have continued bicycling late into the afternoon had I not reluctantly succumbed to my weariness. It didn’t help that the sand was unusually wet which makes cycling rather a chore.  Plus there was a persistent headwind which mischievously changed direction even after I did!  Nonetheless the dazzling sunshine would admit no complaint. I rejoiced in the brightness of the day, the glistening Ocean, the glittering surf and the warmth of the sun .

At my age (I turn 66 tomorrow) the exigencies of bicycling are not without remark.  Oddly I detest walking any distance but I am perfectly content to bicycle for a couple or three hours.  Nonetheless it was a catalyst to reach Marker 97 at the north end of the beach earlier this morning to anticipate sprawling upon the white sand dunes near the breakwater to doze in the sunshine. There I would afford myself a respite from the strain upon my cracking knees.  In fact it wasn’t only my knees that were cracking. With some minor rotation of my head, my neck and shoulders sounded like someone stepping on a box of popcorn.