The Blue Atlantic

It was spectacularly beautiful on the beach today!  It reminded me of the gloriously picturesque days I recall from law school adjacent the Atlantic Ocean in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  On days like these the sky is cerulean and everything is shown to incredible advantage.  A favourable ingredient is a contemporaneous strong wind which tumbles the clouds about in the sky and propels the sand in wisps like specters across the featureless face of the beach.  I’m guessing there is the added feature of high pressure which carries cooler and drier air. The colours were everywhere vibrant and crisp.

We set off on our bicycles precisely at noon. Before we wound our way onto the beach we rolled along the paths to Harbour Town and then South Beach, threading our way through the caverns of tall sea pines and live oak trees, the dappled sunlight leading the way.  Our detour through the South Beach Villas left the marked impression of cottage territory on a remarkable day.

Upon arriving at Tower Beach we launched ourselves into the dazzling sunshine from the long wooden boardwalk onto the vast open space of the immaculate beach.  With a 22 mph wind at our backs we just sailed from Tower Beach at Marker 13 to Coligny Park at Marker 52, flying past couples bent into the wind and a puppy gambolling about heedless to his master’s call on this expansive day.