The call

Cabbagetown in Toronto has become an increasingly influential and sought after venue.  For many years now it has been the resource of a Parliament Street congregation which for our purposes has been highlighted by Gilles and Scott. It was among other salient moments the place of their late afternoon wedding dinner following completion of the ceremony at Casa Loma in which we had been privileged to contribute. Today we celebrated Gilles following his recent precipitous and unanticipated death. It was a hugely successful and uncommonly buoyant congregation.

There were people there who had long ago sounded a favourable chord with Gilles.  While my personal familiarity was memorable and nutritious, it was brief compared with that of most others in attendance. The guest list was a credit to anyone.  Clearly the animation was heartfelt. And generous.  Some people travelled from considerable distance. Others momentarily sidelined a trip abroad in order to contribute.  It was indisputable that the strength and sincerity of the guests was a gratitude to Scott as well. There’s always two sides to these things!