The complications of a rainy day,,,

The tantalizing smell of toast wafted into the bedroom early this morning.  There was something different about it though.  A purity, a cleanliness, an effervescence.  Later I learned it was cinnamon, a sign of things to follow.  This was to be a complicated day.

En conclusion, le terreau en appel est fertile, si ce n’est que sur la base des Instructions, et plus particulièrement de l’articulation inédite et créative des éléments des infractions. Mais, le résultat dépendra aussi des autres motifs qui seront soulevés par l’appelant. Si la condamnation devient définitive, le crédit sera attribué en grande partie à l’actuel Procureur, Alvin Bragg, qui a osé lancer une action alors que son prédécesseur, Cyrus Vance Jr., et les procureurs fédéraux avaient décidé de classer l’affaire sans suite.

On the basis of the Instructions, and more particularly the unprecedented and creative articulation of the elements of the offences. But, the result will also depend on the other reasons that will be raised by the appellant. If the conviction becomes final, the credit will be largely attributed to the current Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, who dared to take action when his predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., and the federal prosecutors had decided to close the case without further action.

Daniel Arthur Laprès
Cabinet d’avocats – Law Firm
Avocat à la Cour d’Appel de Paris
Membre du Barreau de Paris

It has become impossible to escape the political confrontation brawling among Americans. Time and again the analysis is refined to polar distinctions, what is construed as illegitimacy or grounds for revolution and civil insurrection. The competing divergences promise only to defeat one another. The popular animosity is unparalleled in my experience. The expression of latitude has shifted from communism on one side to racism on the other and every imaginable clarity between the two. Ironically the extraordinary disparity now has Trump equating himself with Abraham Lincoln, apparently fuelled by evangelicals; while the Democrats are punishingly labelled as leftist socialists determined to defeat the rule of law. Everything is backwards based upon global assessment. No one is capable of explaining the dissimilarity or advancing their cause.

Conjoining the French and English connection a note from a longtime friend expressing her love and admiration for her late mother who served with distinction in the Second World War.  For me it was a conflicting reminder of my own parental endearment and my irreversible antipathy to war at any cost.

By contrast to this reminiscence of war and brewing poison on American soil, our own countryside pastures have overnight burgeoned with the lush colour of green grass following yesterday’s 57-year record high temperature and this morning’s thunderstorms. The creativity was instant as though stroked by an artist on a bland canvass with the most flamboyant verdancy. The sudden explosion of nascent flavours included the rampant evolution of turtles crossing pathways and roadways towards inexplicable destinations for egg laying. People were stopped alongside highways with flashing lights to caution others to avoid hitting a ponderous turtle’s progress. Meanwhile on fences multitudes of flapping young birds congregated for equally bewildering purpose. On the distant edge of the newly cultivated and tilled soil an overturned row boat lay enigmatically within the reeds and bushes.

From Nova Scotia came favourable intelligence confirming matters both domestic and commercial, gratifyingly illustrated by incomparable illustrations. Clearly the record of achievement is unhindered.

In spite of these irreconcilable differences and varieties of articulations, we relished in an early morning medical conjunction and a fleeting afternoon drive. My own admittedly meagre executions continue to inspire and gratify me.