The expiry of Mac

I traded my old MacBook Pro 15” laptop computer today for a new 14” model. The new one is on back order until July 29th. And, no, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s difficulty getting parts (which I suspect) or maybe demand (which I doubt considering the 14” model is not likely as cool as the latest 16” rendition). I now survive in the technology universe solely through the media of my iPad and iPhone. All part of downsizing (and putatively a signalled battery concern with the old Mac). The Apple clerk mentioned too that the letters “a” and “e” on the keyboard of my old Mac were worn to the point of triggering a “damaged” alert which curiously might effectively contaminate the entire computer specifically the entitlement to a trade-in value which in this instance was $495. They decided to overlook the possible qualification.

The transition to a new computer is a lesson in relevance; namely, with the advantage of the “cloud”, web sites and portals there is little need to store anything on one’s personal computer. Your doctor, lawyer or accountant already has it!  And as for the mountain of photos we all have collected, most of them are suffering a prodigal storage doomed to perpetual ignorance so there is furthermore no need to exhaust one’s iCloud storage either.

Yesterday after discovering the alert about the Mac battery we arranged a meeting this morning at 9:50 am to have the device examined by a Genius at the Apple store. Initially the objective was to correct the problem but upon subsequent consideration I opted instead to buy a new machine and avoid possible wasteful and repeated repair. I am besides convinced of the value of new technology. I fully embrace the theme that new technological advances are a certainty and worth the cost. And while it is not uncommon to hear a mockery of people devoted to annual upgrades (especially of smart phones), I truly believe there is legitimacy to the habit not so much because the changes are astronomical but that they are incremental; and if one doesn’t keep up with the improvements it is easy to fall back and out of step.

Upon arrival at the store we were greeted by a young girl who had a noticeable personal element to her manner; that is, she clearly rose above stock retail frigidity. To my inner approval she continued to assist us throughout our visit, this in spite of what at times proved to be a project unfamiliar to her. She advised she had recently graduated from Carleton University where she had studied business management or something like it.  She was now working at CIBC as a financial advisor (which at her entry level I assume amounts to pushing insurance or GICs); as well as working part time at Apple.  Either or both jobs she secured just for the price of asking. Obviously she is for whatever reason motivated. What I especially liked about her apart from her comfortable demeanour (which on its own would only have sustained her in my opinion another 30 seconds) was her immediate recognition of debate or ignorance of some point material to my personal business at hand. In that eventuality she unhesitatingly removed herself to speak to a chap I assumed was a senior advisor. In the result we had the benefit of both parties.

I liked too that she expressed her personal inclination on the matters of choice we reviewed. While her preferences didn’t secure my own thinking, they did at least strengthen my decision. The fellow who directed the unfettered facts was succinct but somewhat remote by comparison.

When this matter of repair or replace first arose last evening I was initially disquieted.  I am unaccustomed to Apple products having base operational issues. My initial reaction was to ignore the “Service recommended “ notice at the top banner of my computer.  I mean, “recommended “ is not obligatory.  This barren excuse for reason lasted another hour at most before we were in full-throated discussion of the topic which speedily went far beyond the service issue and soon evolved to an on-line review of purchase alternatives.  There may have been a brief inquiry of what a computer battery is but that arcane detail evaporated in favour of the less impenetrable need to feed the troops! I wasn’t about to consecrate myself to a tarsome quiz about mechanics.