The international view of America

Listening to witnesses at the American Insurrection Investigation concerning the attack of January 6 on the Capitol is alarming. The first and foremost conclusion is that Donald J. Trump is unhinged from reality. Second that Trump is malicious. Third – and most importantly – that Trump was so obviously overwhelmed by his need for election approbation that he determined to continue spouting the “false narrative “ nationally.

Now the question which remains is not “the coup in search of a legal basis” rather the action to be taken by America against the narrative of false election.

The evidence at the hearing discloses not only discredit of Trump but also pyrrhic mockery of Trump’s minions and political followers. Trump threw what his former Attorney General Bill Barr called “bullshit” to his (Trump’s) followers and they ended pining it and their own to the Capitol walls. The connection between Trump and the insurrection has long surpassed the Kellyanne Conway style of fabrication and manipulation.

Yet the inescapable curiosity that remains is what Americans intend to do with this intelligence; more accurately, will Americans attempt to ignore the hearing results. If Americans – critically Republicans and their political supporters – persist to surround Trump the infectious bearing will unquestionably poison America’s international flavour.

The more acute question is, if by remote (though sadly imaginable) possibility this contamination and Sicilian style vengeance is allowed to survive, the rest of the world will be stupefied beyond recovery. Like it or not the world will colour every American with the same shit. And like remorseful parents, the world will wonder how and why Americans hadn’t the cohesiveness to surmount this palpable threat to democracy.