The king has more than no clothes!

The world awoke this morning to a reality check the likes of which erstwhile TV entertainer Donald J. Trump probably never imagined! That is, he probably never dreamt it would affect him. Now both he and his current wife from Slovenia are infected with COVID-19. I have to say the irony of Trump getting the disease was more than most could handle without a grimace! The addition of this further national and international confusion (just think how his friend Michael Pence must be writhing) does however raise to the point of alarm the very grave spectre of this plague. The only advantage I see arising from this turn of events – aside from the aforesaid vengeance –  is a slight improvement in a similar reality check by those American citizens who previously argued a case of fake news, false medical reports and constitutional violation.

What is pride exactly? Pride is a lie we believe about ourselves, entitling us to more than we actually deserve, whether material or praise. Pride is the subconscious belief that you are in the place of God, the belief that you determine your own destiny and the conditions declaring how good you are.

Currently the media and its pundits are resisting the knee-jerk labeling of the startling news as hubris. I suspect the so-called conservatives will dismiss the liberal sympathy as crocodile tears. Nonetheless it preserves the propriety of part of society. To be the devil’s advocate the incumbents may try to assert the imperative for delay of the upcoming presidential election. I won’t even venture into that legal quagmire! Trump – though perhaps unwittingly –  is turning his presidency into yet another television spectacle!

According to studies, hubris, arrogance and pretension are related to the need for victory (even if it doesn’t always mean winning) instead of reconciliation, such as “friendly” groups might promote. Hubris is usually perceived as a characteristic of an individual rather than a group, although the group the offender belongs to may suffer collateral consequences from wrongful acts. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence, accomplishments or capabilities.