The perfect day!

It is befitting to accredit the United States of America (and specifically Hilton Head Island, South Carolina) with a well earned degree of magnanimity and verve.  Though the merit is more than passing I wish to capture the moment by going on record acknowledging the inexpressible pleasure we derive from being here once again. Even as I write these words, a glance upwards from my balcony perch overlooking Calibogue Sound reveals a porpoise arching across the water’s surface; and, the brilliant sunshine from the western sky streams upon me in the late afternoon. It is truly a favourable circumstance!

The deep channel between Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands has long been known as Calibogue Sound, the word ‘calibogue’ being much like the Creek Indian word for ‘deep spring’, ‘calaobe’.  It has variously been spelled Calibogie, Caleboco, etc., probably referring to the fresh water spring or well on the bluff overlooking the Sound.

Peeples, Robert E. H.
An Index to Hilton Head Island Names (Before the Contemporary Development)

The invigoration was preceded this morning by a convalescent bicycle ride throughout nearby Lands End. After yesterday’s triumph on the beach I have relieved myself of that Stoic craving. I am now willingly disposed to contemplate the lesser expeditions expressive of one my advanced age and diminished capacity. At the same time I fondly recall my youthful outings on the beach years ago. I punctuated this morning’s leisurely adventure by driving my car and wending my way through the channels of live oak and magnolia trees along the silent, narrow roadways of Sea Pines. As I drove – with the windows open – I listened with rapture to the Great American songbook. Small wonder I am inclined to bow to the generosity of our host country.  Indeed I find myself progressively insinuated by all that is good about the United States of America; hence today’s featured image with the American flag.

Naturally the political evolution of the United States of America is currently paramount. It is a global absorption. While I cling to my belief that the majority of Americans of every stripe are united in their fervour for the highest of aspirations, I confess openly to my anxiety for receipt of proof following the upcoming presidential election in the fall. If nothing else the outcome will exhibit not only a matter of worldwide interest but also the acuity of my speculation. We have spent considerable time within the United States of America during which we have been pleased to acquaint ourselves with many Americans. Certainly we haven’t a library of vastly different acquaintances but it would be misleading to say the majority whom we’ve met haven’t been welcoming and inclusive. And apart from the social propriety we similarly grant the educational strength of the community. Further even without such credential the people with whom we have dealt have universally been of pleasant character and seeming upstanding disposition. By contrast I do not adjudge the American people based upon popular media, radio or television.  I restrict my capital for personal assessment to personal acquaintance. Thus my conclusions, if they were otherwise I would say so.