The proximate cause

The measure of today’s radiant heat, though notably invidious, was nonetheless obscured by the ambient temperature. When approaching 85ºF the task of discerning the proximate cause of solar contamination is less assured to be precise. Yet through the cloud of electrification there persists an inarguable sensation which predicts a more elemental springboard. Nature’s warning signals are not to be ignored or uncertified. Those visceral instincts we’ve been allotted exist for a reason; and they are remarkably trustworthy.

The patent obscurity of a proximate cause for a distinguishable behaviour is not to be diminished by virtue of its mere incontrovertibility as though its paradoxical visibility were the problem. This conducive disguise is the very point. Remember there is likely little to be done to alter another’s conduct. Least of all calling out the poorly hidden or manufactured motive. These minor abrasions to our social community are nothing more than paddling in the shallow waters of society.

The critical feature of any acquaintance is destined to insinuate everything that flows therefrom. While its ignorance may for a while promote idle association and putative meaning, it is not something to be trifled with. Inevitably if the communication continues the hardened attributes of the foundation will overtake and dominate the muddy languid waters that surround. Stepping in that new rocky territory is not for the pusillanimous. Nor is it for the uninformed.