The restorative drive

By serendipitous misfortune Petro-Canada gas stations (where I have for decades purchased automobile fuel and car washes) have lately suffered seemingly insurmountable technical obstacles related to the management and performance of their gas pumps and drive-through car washes.  Though I have only tried my Petro-Canada gas card and car wash card at three separate stations (all with complimentary failure), the alleged Internet scam appears to be universal for Petro-Canada.

My patience with my historic provider ended this morning when confronting yet another impediment which the franchisees were unable to perfect except by handing me a free car wash code each time I trouble myself to get out of the car and stand in line at the interior counter to inquire about the on-going status.

But there’s a new boy in town! And a very captivating one at that. Over the past several months I have amused myself to watch  (with unrepentant curiosity) the construction of a glitzy Halo Car Wash® located only steps from either or both Petro-Canada car washes which I have regularly frequented.

Today, upon what I believe to be the expiry of my Petro-Canada 3-month car wash card (which I recall having purchased soon after we returned from our winter sojourn in Florida on  April 27th last), I dropped by the now complete construction site of the new Halo Car Wash® where the bouncy employees were occupied with the introduction of the new kid in town.  I believe the proprietor may be from Florida. There’s certainly a bit of that boisterous American commercial feature to the place.

At Halo Car Wash®, we make washing your vehicle simple…and maybe even a little fun. From our convenient dual belt conveyor system to our brightly lit tunnel, keeping your vehicle clean has never been easier. A membership takes your car wash experience to the next level, giving you unlimited washing. Go through once a month, once a week, or multiple times a day!

Halo Car Wash

Apart from these tarsome details surrounding the erosion and evolution of my bland personal life, the bottom line is that Halo Car Wash® delivers. Again today (because they gave me a free test yesterday and another today after I purchased a 3-month card) my car came out of the wash bay in prime condition!  Honestly – on both occasions – I have remarked to myself (and anyone else who will listen) that the Halo Car Wash® is the best I’ve seen of the automatics. Nor is this a small compliment.  I’m an expert! Though perhaps only with the gloating insight of a retail customer. But aside from that qualification I’ve been doing this for years. Since I was 15 years old (when I first saw the hand car wash of Keith Forsythe’s mother’s Cadillac Eldorado) I have been consumed by the enterprise.

Sadly for me I suppose this account of my absorption of Halo Car Wash® constitutes a hallmark of my otherwise witless life. Laugh if you will!  I stand by my commitment to, and delight of, the noble car wash. Granted a measure of my behaviour might be apologetically related to the pure pleasure of driving. There’s a convenient distance from my home in the country to the car wash in the city.