Things are about to change

Speculation is no doubt rampant worldwide. However the simple, bald and undeniable truth is that things are about to change. This is so quite apart from any media frenzy heightened as it may be by the glitter of royalty.  With King Charles III stepping back and possibly down to William the entire world is on the precipice of change and likely to be overshadowed by climate and pollution. This bodes ill for MAGA among other global interests.

If the King were to become so ill that he is unable to carry out his full duties on a temporary basis, he would be able to delegate some of them to two or more Counsellors of State. The current Counsellors of State are Camilla, William, Harry, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, and Princess Beatrice. If the King became completely unable to carry out his constitutional duties, to the point where the state could no longer function properly, his powers can be withdrawn and assumed by a regent. Under a 1937 law, that would be the next in line to the throne, which is Prince William.

Like it or not the generation of the so-called baby boomers (those who were born immediately following WWII) is on the wane and the youth of today are about to take over. And with what is predictably a very different agenda. There will be no tolerable apology for vested interests which compete with global safety. The risks are at last too great and proximate to pretend otherwise.

My expectation is that deceit of any description will suffer the same consequence once endured by Marie Antoinette. Nor will it be a difficult posture to market when already we’ve become accustomed to children speaking to the world about global warming.  Any politician who risks the ignominy of balderdash or outright lies will be sidelined. The issue is no longer hearing what we wish to hear or hating whom we wish to hate; rather it is the truth only and it is highly unlikely the public will rely upon self-interested minions to broadcast the detail which threatens the very existence of the public.

Nor is the issue any longer such absurdity as whether to kneel at the alter or how to characterize the translation of water to wine to blood or otherwise. The comedy and supercilious proclamations of similarly obsequious and greedy people will be rejected out-of-hand. The passage of the boomer era (the likes of Mitch McConnell and the inner circle of the Republican Party) are set to fall in face of the advancing phalanx of youthful, less stigmatized and more liberated personalities. No longer will money and honour be sufficient to distinguish propriety from impropriety. The “nose to the grindstone” mentality of pure capitalism has been replaced with far broader ambition. It matters not to get ahead in the world if one cannot stand upright in the water or breathe the air; or, if there is no water to drink.

The economic forecast is equally stormy for those adhering to out-of-date products or thinking. The attraction of communion and cooperation will be commensurately enhanced, putting an entirely new light on immigration (the eternal capital of production and advancement). The bombast of political rivals  will be overshadowed by altruism and pragmatism. The downfall and demise of the boomer generation will be swept aside by an entirely new breed of intellectuals and scientists. The scope and economic damage of unrestrained plague can no longer be wistfully dismissed and ignored. And it is assured that the progress of today’s youth will soon leave preposterous social fiction behind.