Things I like about Mississippi Mills

My sensitivity to the advantages of living in Mississippi Mills is fortunately not sparked by deprivation (“You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone!“). Nor did I have a sudden revelation about what I had formerly taken for granted. I have always known that Mississippi Mills is a terrific place to live.  Sometimes however it doesn’t hurt to reiterate the reasons.  Here are a few of my own.  No doubt you will have others you wish to add to the list.  For brevity (and not to diminish their importance) I have listed a hodgepodge of services and facilities below without amplification.  The background to the particularity is our stunning river views, charming architecture, surrounding farmlands and bucolic winding roads.  And did I mention the people?  Everyone whom I know here is dedicated to our community and feels as enthusiastic as I do about the place.  We’re a singular lot and proud of it!


.  The Almonte General Hospital

I suspect I am in good company on this one.  This primary choice illustrates not only the logical tact of choosing the most critical example (protection of one’s health) but also the infinite desirability of having such an extraordinarily up-to-date facility and superlative management, staff and volunteers in our small community.

.  Restaurants

One is never at a loss to choose a restaurant in Town for casual or fine dining. For many of us the destination is within walking distance which makes for a delightful outing on a sunny day or temperate evening. We have the choice of waterfront dining, home-cooked meals, specialty foods, fast foods and renowned concoctions.

.  Trades and Professionals

There is no need to leave Town in search of trades or professional advice, those whose job requires special education, training or skill.  There is ample choice of qualified building contractors, carpenters, electricians, heating specialists, masons, painters, plumbers; accountants, architects, auctioneers, bankers, beauticians, chiropractors, computer technicians, consultants, dentists, doctors, farmers, financial advisors, firemen, first responders, funeral directors, graphic designers, hair stylists, health care professionals, horticulturalists, insurance agents, inventors, journalists, landscapers, lawyers, life coaches, massage therapists, mechanics, music teachers, nursing aids, paramedics, photographers, puppeteers, real estate agents, real estate developers, science writer, surveyors, veterinarians, among others.

.  The Fair Grounds & North Lanark Agricultural Hall

Whether the occasion is the Highland Games, Bus Fusion, Flea Market, swimming, boat races, Truck and Tractor Pull, Car Toot Bingo or end-of-summer fair, this riparian public venue attracts everyone at one time or another. In addition “the Agricultural Hall (built in 1869) is used for family parties, weddings/receptions, horticultural judging schools, exhibitions, card games, fund-raising events, pipe band practices etc., as well as housing all the exhibits at the annual agricultural fair. There is 6,000 sq.ft. of space, perfect for your event.”  It is our very own Village Green.

.  Banks & Financial Advisors

Two of Canada’s chartered banks provide top service to the community, including daily banking, chequing and savings accounts, investments, mortgages and loans, conversion to and from foreign funds and international banking and credit arrangements, even specialty wiring exigencies.  And if weighing your money is your favourite pass-time there are those to help you keep and augment it, people dedicated to improving your portfolio and managing your finances.

.  The Arts

Our local artistic community is exceptional, no other word for it!  We are blessed to have among our number highly accomplished local artisans, designers and artists who enjoy national and international renown, some of whose artifacts also adorn the fashionable galleries of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and further abroad.

 .  Recreation

Apart from school athletics there are opportunities for baseball, basketball, bicycling, curling, golf, hockey, hunting, lawn bowling, skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, soccer and tennis.  Many facilities are specifically designated and others are of general utility.  Skate-boarding is in the works.

.  Retail

Once one has determined to buy locally, whether as a convenience or in deference to our business proprietors, there is seldom need to leave Town.  At our very doorstep are antiquarians, art gallery dealers, bakers, bicycle repairers, building suppliers, butchers, Christmas tree farmers, clothiers, coffee shopkeepers, coin sellers and traders, consigners, dry cleaners, feed and seed vendors, footwear sellers, flower merchants, framing specialists, furniture dealers, gift sellers, grocery stores, hardware stores, ice cream parlours, jewellers, maple products, musical instruments, pharmacies, printing, rentals, service stations, specialty goods, street vendors and upholsterers.

.  The Old Town Hall

 .  Bed & Breakfast & Inns

 .  Museums

.  Five-Span Bridge

 .  Charities and Support Groups

.  Religious Leaders & Institutions

.  Library

.  Teachers & Schools

.  Service & Fraternal Clubs

.  Golf Clubs

.  The Millstone News