Time to Dismount!

Lock it up, put it in a box
Seal it away in Fort Knox
The year that was is dead and gone
The world is ready to face a new dawn

More shots, more arms, reach that goal
Let’s ramp it up and gain control
Elderly camp out, wait in line
Not what was planned or designed

Vaccinations are behind
Leaving healthcare in a bind
California, epicenter of latest surge
Army Corps of Engineers meets the scourge

The gloves come off, an all-out fight
The National Guard faces the plight
Larry King, the latest well-known
In Cedars-Sinai, virus prone

Isolated, the 87 year-old is
Recover soon, the battle his
Eyes on Georgia, two runoffs coming
Balance of power in Congress forthcoming

Trump and Pence, Biden and Harris
On the stump for heirs or heiress
Trump still fights for election lost
Twelve Repubs assess the cost

Oppose the certify of Biden win
Support for Trump will never dim
Vandalized, the homes of Nancy and Mitch
Stimulus money, that was the ‘sitch’

Give the people what they want
Tell the Congress, “Stop the stunt”
The week ahead
No breaking bread

Congress votes to certify election
Final tally ensures direction
Pro-Trump rallies on day of count
Overturn outcome? Time to dismount

Rocci Fisch, Random Thoughts

Rocci Fisch is an American political commentator.