Time to pack!

Already I am back to my old habits, drinking far too much coffee, staying awake until the middle of the night, then – after having taken my pills and dissipated the caffeine – sleeping unrepentingly late until after ten o’clock the next morning.  It is unquestionably an unfavourable modus operandi but one from which I was happily able to recover this morning without difficulty or collateral remorse. In the result, by four o’clcock this afternoon we were both shamelessly lanquishing upon the balcony overlooking the sea, meaninglessly chatting and reminiscing about our passage upon Hilton Head Island since our first encounter here on Christmas Eve in 2012.

Although we do not plan to depart until sharply before eight o’clock on Saturday morning next, the two bikes have now been returned, we’ve commenced considerable packing and loading of the car, and we’ve made a calculated drain of food supplies until late Friday afternoon when we shall dine out one last time.  Then evaporate into the atmosphere for another year!

As a summary of the high points, they include first and foremost our social visit with longtime residents Debbie and Jens Martin; a familial visit with nephew Denis Secondus; exceptional meals and pastries from Lowcountry Produce, Sea Shack, Sprout Momma and naturally Denis Primus (chef extraordinaire); ordering the entire remaining stock of convenable pleated 10″ inseam shorts of Roundtree & Yorke; gathering sufficiently appeasing snaps of the beach and sea; settling matters with Reid Bros Motor Sales and Cadillac for what we anticipate to be another year; and, likewise reaching the turning point for the current generation iPad and iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 15 is the first major redesign since the iPhone 12, featuring rounder edges and slightly curved display and back glass. Both models are available in five colors: blue, pink, yellow, green and black. This makes it the first entry level iPhone since the iPhone XR to not ship with a Product Red variant at launch.

In addition I am pleased to announce that we have determined upon our return home to visit Shepherd’s Fashions on Trainyard’s Drive to put to rest my lingering passion for the much vaunted silk neck scarf. Before coming to Hilton Head Island this year I had attempted to replenish my dwindling stock of scarves by ordering some on-line.  Though it was not entirely a ruinous outcome by any means, nor was it one with that stimulating result so much preferred of the retail enterprise. After having jumped around the matter, frequenting different sites and different products, I have concluded that only an in-person option is permissible.  Accordingly I have my stick at the ready!

Coincidentally this identical sense of organization and distillation (though admittedly with far greater substance than our trifling exploits) gives the impression to prevail upon the ambitious campaigns of our family and friends, whether for example squaring local residency or arching the aspiring project to Nova Scotia.