It is beguiling to contemplate a subtropical vacation resort approaching the radius of the South Pacific Ocean denominated by such undeniably agreeable and captivating credentials as Noosa Heads, a coastal town in the Shire of Noosa, Queensland, Australia on the Sunshine Coast bordering the Coral Sea. It was this idyllic image that first greeted me as I awoke to the world this morning, having seated myself to void my bladder, examining my iPhone for the latest email communication. My correspondent lapsed into an unaccustomed vernacular when relating his own blossoming experience there. His description “very upscale” was the Gentile version of the Yiddish colloquial “very excellent“, what I jokingly consider the pluperfect subjunctive of approbation. His addition of the earthy observation about “gorgeous bodies” was however less a shift.

This place is a keeper – very active population and very upscale with fab restaurants and myriad bike and hiking trails and gorgeous beaches and bodies- bit of a surfer mecca.

But excellent swimming and silken sea with neutral temperature.

The view from Tea Tree Bay coastal path and you’ll be pleased to note that 4km from the trailhead they have all the necessities of life (Automated External Defibrillator).

My accommodation is splendid – an eight hundred metre boardwalk to beach downhill and unfortunately the same distance back uphill- luckily a pool to cool on return. I swim three times daily in different coves starting at 6am on the main beach with the gerri’s. The Australians are coffee crazy (only high end) and there are espresso bars everywhere open from 0630 plus croissants 🥐 to accompany post swim.

I have a BBQ and jacuzzi on my private upper deck – the view.

Having traveled with my pen pal in what I consider luxury circumstances I regard this his latest review of Noosa Heads a compelling endorsement. The recent COVID restrictions have increased tourism from Australians to the area. No doubt Australians – who apparently regularly venture overseas when vacationing – have themselves awoken to the oft-celebrated advantages of their “own back yard“. For me the current competition is New Zealand where other friends of ours live; and with whom we have likewise shared similar vacationing excursions. Yet the only valid deduction from either of these major premises is that the world beckons and the choices abound. Nor is the fertility merely a product of decision. Chance, circumstance and serendipity determine the flow as uncertainly as any prevailing wind. The only certainty is the sun sets in one hemisphere as it rises in another; yesterday becomes today.