Trump Talk Show

A presidential debate is putatively of interest primarily because of its political consequence (though no one expects to hear specific platforms). What is anticipated with more certainty is the casting of dispersions by one candidate upon the other. The two opposing candidates are predicted to dissolve into confrontation and disagreement. Neither candidate is thought to dissuade or persuade any member of the audience. Instead the so-called debate between the candidates inevitably descends to mere conflict and hostility often without the benefit of either strategic logic or rhetoric argument.

Last night’s touted historic debate between Biden and Trump was generally considered a flop. It preserved its gravity not because of rhetorical skill or scholarly intelligence; rather because of its remarkable public distortions and lies by Trump and because of its sad presentation of America’s best as a failing Biden. Trump as usual fulfilled his seemingly sole ambition to be the most perfect person who ever existed; while Biden resembled a framed embroidery on a country kitchen wall proclaiming the sanctity of America and hope for the future. As a result, Biden had the image of a grandfather; while Trump ritually adopted his entertainment vernacular, that is, speaking hysterically, saying nothing of account and notably denying what everyone else in the world knows to be true (that he is lascivious and criminal).

If however one were to pursue a more acute distillation of the “debate” (it was really just a question-and-answer supplanted by the usual political barbs) there is no doubt that Trump advanced the absurdly illogical proposition that America is being overrun by marauders from every part of the world; while Biden spoke encouragingly about American prospects, including immigrants. Considering that America was built upon immigrants from every part of the world; and that immigrants routinely fulfill the American (and historically colonial) ambitions for service by social inferiors; and, the unmistakeable shift of the social fabric of the world to include people from everywhere; and, most importantly, the obvious success of many of these immigrants to improve themselves and the society to which they belong, Trump’s thesis is nothing but fear mongering and acerbic devotion to instillation of anarchy and establishment of oligarchy.

Given the incontrovertible truth that Trump lied on the public stage (once again preposterously denying the Stormy Daniels encounter which only poisoned the legitimacy of his many other questionable assertions); and, that Biden was patently subscribed to the well-being of America (even though his improvement plans are vicariously effected through his ministers and advisors as well they should be), my guess is that America will bite the bullet for the time being, knowing that the time will soon come when all this nonsense is behind them and in the past.

The translation therefore is that Biden won the debate though clearly it is a small compliment in view of the sadly reactionary repetitions and lies of Trump which were by far more entertaining and absorbing (though without substance as usual). If there were a disappointed voter looking for a particle of reason to follow one candidate or the other, it amounts to a choice of reversion (Trump) or diversion (Biden). Trump is plainly building his sole platform upon a shaky proposition of fear, attempting to captivate people of all ages and capacity with the distorted theme that somehow America will regain its authority (whatever that is). Trump meanwhile characterizes himself as the authority to do so; which naturally translates in turn to oligarchy at a minimum, tyranny at the worse.

Donald Trump is the vilest by far. His loathsomeness extends to every aspect of his being — his continuous stream of lies, the eagerness with which he seeks to turn Americans against each other, his scapegoating of immigrants, his demeaning of women and the disabled. And his utter disrespect for the office of the presidency, for the laws of the land, for the United States Constitution, for the senators and members of Congress and staff and police whose lives he intentionally endangered on January 6, 2021, and for hundreds of thousands of election workers whose lives he directly or indirectly threatened with his baseless claims of election fraud.