Turning heads

Our visit today with Louie – the new puppy in town from a manifestly qualified breeder in London, Ontario – highlighted the enormous joy we once had with our own French bulldog.  These intelligent creatures instantly capture whatever trace of a saccharin nature that might remotely percolate within us from time to time. Knowing as we do the singular nature of the breed, and seeing the almost statuesque physique of this young male, he is assured to garner human attention throughout his lifetime. Louie’s new home is as well certain to be one in which his every need will be fulfilled.  In return it is equally predictable that Louie will constitute a primary element of domestic conviviality.

I heard it remarked years ago that every home should have a bookcase and a piano. To that critical list might I usefully add a pet.  Lately I have encountered tales from close acquaintances and old friends that pets – usually dogs or cats – have afforded tangible ennoblement to the condition humaine. Is it the animal’s limitless curiosity? Perhaps its unhindered affection? Or its observable beauty? The boundary between man and creature is one regularly transgressed from both sides. We quickly grow to depend one on the other. It is an amicable alliance and also one which over the centuries has distinguished those of the most complicated degrees.

Celebrities and pets go together like peanut butter and jam, but for some famous faces there’s only one dog breed that will do: the French bulldog.

From Lady Gaga to Hugh Jackman, famous Frenchies are popping up all over Hollywood and why not? The adorable breed is loyal, friendly, clever and most important for the jet-setting celeb? Compact.