Unbridled ebullience

Soaring in my Aviator today along the featureless  and undulating ribbon of highway from Fitzroy Township through Lanark County to the Village of Burnstown was a relentless breeziness. It was a serene Friday afternoon at the end of August. The sky was blue, the air was clear. I had in the words of the late Hughie Whitten “a full tank of gas and a clean windshield“. At last I succeeded to embrace our geographic limitations! Instead of casting my searching eyes and wandering fancy to borders and boundaries beyond I have contented myself to withdraw from that purpose. I shall with equal diligence investigate what is at hand.  The words convenience, economy and natural homespun beauty spring to mind as inertia!

In my enthusiasm today I foolishly contemplated engaging in some shared expression of legal intelligence.  Then I recovered myself to reinstate my present circumstances. At seventy-one years of age, having retired six years ago, the prospect of useful assistance in that department to anyone is doubtful especially as every morsel of my words would be gilded in the necessary qualification of legal entitlement. Such is the sequel to a life of commitments! Nature does as always teach us how to perform. Someone needs to take the pictures, write the memoirs, render the artistic themes and tell the stories of the past. It is of necessity a palatable enterprise.