Uncommon preserve

I should have known something was off beam when I awoke after 5:00 o’clock this morning without having already taken my usual handful of analgesics. This was a signal to me that I had survived an uncharacteristically long period of both dormancy and abeyance since my last dose. What made it more curious was that, knowing this suspension, I determined nonetheless to hang fire. I would reserve whatever palliative there was for a later moment (an admittedly unusual accommodation and deprivation on my part). Objection to anodyne is not normally something I undertake for any disputed purpose. My incarnation does not derive its strength from long-endured abstraction.

Following my removal from the bedroom and bathroom where I had completed my ritual acquaintance with the day, it pleased me unsurpassably to enter upon the drawing room and gaze upon the placid river beyond the burgeoning yellow coloured field. This was my current reality. This was Thursday, June 23rd, a brilliantly sunny summer day with a forecast high of 83°F and not a damn thing on my calendar to abuse the privilege! This called for unparalelled measures! This singular window of functionality and painlessness of my recently replaced left knee inspired me to address hitherto detached exploration. I would ride my new tricycle beyond the limits of the garage upon the open roadway or nearby parkland avenue!

The kick of this impending novelty did not however impede my hardened matutinal habit of breakfast.  Awaiting me at my desk was a picturesque assortment of sliced green Granny apple and cheddar cheese.  I opted to forego the cup of Java, preferring instead to leave it chill in the refridgerator until later this afternoon by which time I was certain I would reclaim my customary anxiety for stimulants.

It wasn’t exactly with a noticeable vibrancy that I stormed out of the garage and up the ramp after extricating my tricycle from its narrow berth in the basement storage locker (where for example we’ve succeeded as well to store our two Electra bicycles). Indeed I have this – among all the aforementioned capabilities of motion – to credit to the unending supervision and assistance of His Lordship.

Forgive me, dear Reader, if you will, my repeated approbation of cycling – whether bicycling or tricycling. What a glorious opportunity it afforded us upon this timeless summer morn! The moment I compensated my limited mobility upon the uphill subterranean garage exit, I was rewarded a sparkling morning with an open-invitation from Spring Street (which runs parallel) and the adjoining parkland reserve. We chose the gravel-crusted parkland avenue for our initial curiosity. Not unexpectedly we encountered an elderly gentleman walking his two small dogs. We decided to extend our maiden voyage upon the public tree-lined roads by following Spring Street a discrete (that is to say, flat) distance before turning about and venturing more surprisingly up Robert Hill Drive before turning back down Johanna Street to the awaiting stall where reluctantly I stationed my tricycle for another day.