Up and down the Valley!

It doesn’t require much to entertain me – other that is than a clean conscience (and a clean windshield), scintillating company, a good night’s rest, a satisfied gut, a smooth car and a sunny day! As for the rest I can handily fill in the blanks along the way. Our venture this afternoon took us first on a mission of necessity to historic Renfrew County then southward on an assignment of diversion towards the St. Lawrence Seaway to the charming hamlet of Spencerville. The highways on either end of today’s journey were 4-lane and smooth sailing.  Sandwiched between the two extremities were the 2-lane roadways weaving up and down across the open fields of the rural counties.

In this time of social distancing it was a positive luxury to attend a coffee house in Bells Corners where we stopped for some java and to check of our email. The place – like so many other retail outlets – had been closed until recently. There were as yet few customers. We lingered briefly outside on two metal chairs at a round metal table. The late Thursday afternoon traffic nearby was similarly tranquil. The quietude is somewhat reminiscent of an early Sunday morning.  Otherwise it is at time’s spooky and surreal.