Given the indisputable cheerfulness of my being late this afternoon following my unaccustomed armchair snooze, it is arguable I had a disquieting sleep last night. I prefer to characterize the overnight drama as an absorption in matters outstanding; that is, stewing over those curious thoughts which arise only in the middle of the night and which are as frequently mere irresolute repetitions. The upshot is that after my somniferous relapse and resulting recovery I am now in that enviable state of euphoria which I have no doubt is vitalized by the well-known and common analgesic called sleep.

In a prior effort to placate the ruination of my midnight disturbances, I began the day first by addressing the charging of an electric automobile.  With my stick I hobbled in the garage to the spot where the Tesla owner normally parks his new electrified vehicle.  My purpose was to examine the plug-in installation which he had reportedly engaged the Ottawa River Power Corporation and Tesla to handle (at some considerable expense to him I might add). My conclusion of this scrutiny was that hybrid automobiles can adapt to 110v only (though clearly with more time required for complete charging than using 220v) or to the regenerative capacity of the vehicle itself. To complete this amateur investigation (and before heading to the golf club for what proved to be a singularly nutritious breakfast), immediately upon exiting the garage we drove to the local charging outlet provided by Mississippi River Power Corporation to the public for free charging facility (the outlet is located nearby the power house).

These technical ventures afforded moderate consolation of my as yet indeterminate thoughts. While in the area of the River we penetrated more deeply into what was a lingering curiosity of mine about the latest residential innovations in the area. What evolved, aside from the placation of my nosiness, was the rejuvenation of that constant theme of relationships; namely, how they all connect. As I commented to my partner, almost every property along the investigated pathway had been owned by people (or their relatives) whom I had represented over the past half-century. It also instilled a less satisfying contemplation of the sometimes overpowering influence certain groups of people have upon the whole (but by this time of the morning I was willing to abandon the political gravity for the autumnal glory).

What ensued was our riverside view at the links of Mississippi Golf Club in the Village of Appleton.  We are as always grateful to Chef Wendy MacDonald for production of yet another delicious and congenial repast during which we chatted with golfers in the throes of activity. We then punctuated the agreeableness by fulfilling our weekend grocery shopping duties (it is always best and safest to shop for groceries after a replenishing meal).

I apologize for the mundane quality of this narrative but I have unwittingly learned that these idle reflections constitute many of what are the more memorable occasions of one’s life. They are if nothing else a step-up from a curriculum vitae.