Vicarious frivolity

Knowing that certain literary and musical compositions are beyond copyright is a serendipitous occasion to reap the benefits of a random and casual acquaintance with what are among the finest artistic expressions. On the other hand getting a buzz from a sailing yacht is not normally so readily attainable without either owning one or knowing someone who does. The Ivy Lea Club, 61 Shipman’s Lane, Lansdowne, ON K0E 1L0 affords another solution; namely, a vicarious conversancy. Today we lunched on the patio overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands. In our immediate vista were moored a collection of yachts and smaller watercraft such as seadoos. Many of the sailors were among those close by on the patio, primarily families enjoying the spectacular day of yellow sunshine, balmy wind and high temperatures.

The Ivy Lea Club

Though everyone was dressed in undeniably comfortable togs, the place nonetheless preserved an elegance.  Perhaps it was the large wine glasses on the tables, the ice buckets nearby; or, the swelling rolls of decorated canvass above the pergola to protect the diners from the penetrating heat of the sun; or, the nearby rocking yachts heaving and languishing by the projecting docks from the shoreline. The water glistened and blinded the most indifferent regard.

The indisputable success however was the meal – iced East Coast oysters, Greek salad, lobster roll with homemade fries and warm sticky toffee pudding or lemon pot de crème for dessert. It was the Sacrament of Heaven!  We elevated the event by characterizing it as a premature birthday luncheon for His Lordship who turns 68 years old on July 29th.

The drive to the Ivy Lea Club wound us through the back roads of the countryside, adjacent worn and grey dilapidated barns and the manicured acreage of ancient village homes.  The emerald corn stalks have lately shot to the azure sky on the heels of a very adequate rainfall and unprecedented heat and sunshine. The trees and hedges were luxuriant. Summer bounty was everywhere.