What’s left!

Things are happening fast around here! In the space of a day we’ve divested ourselves of stuff which quite literally has been gathering dust on the shelves for years.  Gone are our CDs and DVDs (including sadly the Two Fat Ladies). Gone are the radio/CD player with its lovely wooden speakers, the Blue-Ray disc player and the big screen television. Likewise we’ve evacuated the bedroom furniture and in the same breath arranged to replace it with new custom-made pieces. Whew! The purification process is undeniably in full swing!

The undertaking does not entirely deserve the glamour suggested.  Let’s just say it hardly ranks as a deprivation to unload CDs and DVDs.  The furniture at least has a pragmatic notion; namely, to reduce size.

CDs can be used to listen to music, watch videos, keep a digital photo album, and even store important text files. When most people hear the term CD, they think of the music CDs of recording artists or bands that are commonly sold in stores; in fact, some people even refer to them as the modernized version of vinyl records! They were created by Sony and Philips which made the CD specifications available for other companies to use, resulting in the CD becoming a standard. Initially, they were only used only for music; however, they were gradually able to be used for many other types of digital information, or data such as software, and file storage.

Our current source of music is Apple Music.  The monthly subscription entitles us to endless music at any time in any consumption. We can connect with it through the car. Apart from computers, tablets, earpods and smart phones the hardware for music is gone.  Nobody I know buys vinyl these days other than people looking for novelty or who profess that the good old days were better. That may be true. I content myself with the Bluetooth evolution.

Earlier this morning in the City I attended upon my endodontist for her final gander at the post onto which my family dentist must yet install a gold crown. This routine visit has been in the works for over a year as I have awaited this final process to complete the replacement of the tooth. It is but another event in my life which of late has required attention and which achieves the fulfilling element of clarification. I have funnelled basic health care, superficial glitter, fundamental habitation, esoteric law and practical motion. It has been a whirl of behaviour! But now we’ve achieved a plateau from which to oversee the whole.

The adventure will naturally go full circle. The spin of life derives as much from its aesthetic commotion as it does from its theoretical mathematics; viz., the combination of hullaballoo and functionality. It’s tempting to be dismissive, to say that nothing matters.  But things do matter. Increasingly though I descend to and adopt the underlying currents of humanity, the precise quality of things, shall I say the refinement of age?

It becomes easier to manage the day with less to manage. Nor is this an empty observation. The imperative behind simplicity is the fruitful determination of life’s finest ingredients. This in turn requires critical reasoning, acceptance of limitation and willingness to move on.