What’s up?

We knew early this morning that things were happening. The commotion had begun yesterday after we reached out to our erstwhile American estate agent for assistance following announcement of the international border opening in early November. The estate agent’s referrals were investigated and the results revealed today. Though I had hoped the outcome were desirable, it was beyond my anticipation that things proved so exhilarating. In an instant the initial devotion to particulars and certainty was settled. I have reignited my lingering affection for the magnificent barrier islands along the Atlantic seaboard among them Hilton Head Island, Tybee Island and Jekyll Island.  Contemporaneously I have revived the gusto reserved for my dearest personal enterprises; namely, bicycling, photography, writing, music and reading. My modest artistic juices are already percolating!

One cannot explain life’s mercurial twists.  I hadn’t a clue how relieved I would be after the initial events. Yet we are now propelled to new heights and direction. All the chatter I have heard in the mainstream media concerning the psychological damage of COVID-19 since its local denouncement in March of 2020 has more creditability. I suspect – based on an article in the New York Times and the curiosity this morning while bicycling of an esteemed local writer – that the topic of winter adjournment is currently a popular one. In addition to the obvious delight of a prolonged vacation, the trajectory has precipitated the fallout of numerous other familiar “seasonal” modifications involving for example insurance, account suspensions, housekeeping, bank cards, family gatherings, medical and dental appointments.  Even sartorial amendment. Arrangements for so-called “cosmetic” items (anticipated purchases primarily) have had to be altered as well. Meanwhile I am revisiting my former favourite places on Hilton Head Island and wondering in own busy head where to bicycle.